Distribution Policy

Galactic Medical strives to provide seamless distribution of its goods. Our policy provides the maximum flexibility for both purchaser and for our company itself, while maintaining a tight level of security.

Once purchased, goods are named after the buyer, separated from the main stock, and the purchaser is assigned Quartermaster of the goods.

These goods are stored on Mercator Dux, our trading station. The trading station is secured, and as purchaser you must add Galactic Medical to the crewlist of your ship so we may load your goods from the station.

Goods are made over after pick up, and must be picked up with 90 Days, or you will forfeit ownership and the goods will be reintegrated into our stock. Our staff will do its best to notify you near the end of the 90 day period, but are not liable for failing to do so.

Mercator Dux

System Co-ords: (16,10)
Essowyn System, Trax Sector

Current Operator: Ettore Kalsi / Kerra Shiran

For pick up details contacted the listed current operator.


For two or more batches of items you may request delivery.
Delivery within the Trax Sector is Free to all.
Delivery outside Trax is subject to a 15,000 credit fee per day of hyper. Calculated from Essowyn, Trax with a piloting skill of three at hyper 4.