Services & Specialties

Galactic Medical provides many services, the main one being the selling of information and technology. Galactic Medical holds many datacards to a great variety of medical goods. Galactic Medical provides the technological blueprints and production can take place at any personal lab facility in the case of medical items, or a personal factory in the case of droids, vehicles or the sprint class rescue craft.
Galactic Medical also provides facility plans, so you too can own a hospital, lab, or alahzi farm.

Last but not least we sell many finished goods on the Centrepoint Marketplace.
You may purchase listings on CPM or contact Ettore Kalsi for larger orders.

Produced Goods

Healing Sticks - 20,000 credits
Bacta Patchs - 10,000 credits


  • Bacta Tank - 180,000 Credits
  • Sprint Class Rescue Craft - 90,000 Credits
  • Alazhixazha - 40,000 Credits
  • Kettifee Air Mover - 40,000 Credits
  • Available Medical Droids - 15,000 Credits
    • MD-1
    • FX-7
    • DD-13
  • Medical Items - 50,000 Credits
    • Healing Sticks
    • Bacta Patches
    • Bacta Refills
    • Medikits
    • Stimpacks
    • Antidote
    • Laser Scalpel
  • Facilities and Stations - 10% of Construction Cost
    • Hospital
    • Asylum
    • Alahzi Farm
    • Bacta Refinement Facility
    • Research Centre
    • Medical Factory Station
    • Hospital Platform XQ-7
    • Trading 1 Station
    • R&D Stations 1-4

Other Services

  • Hospital and Asylum Management
    • We will manage up to four hospitals or asylums without any fee and forward the earned funds to the owner.
    • For five to ten hospitals or asylums there is a standard 7% fee of earned income.
    • If you have more than ten hospitals or asylums and wish to see them managed by Galactic Medical, please contact Ettore Kalsi. 
  • Facility and Station Construction
    • Galactic Medical can provide limited construction services, building our medical facilities and stations for the public.
      • It is better if you can secure your own raw materials for the build, but for small builds Galactic Medical can provide the needed RM, contact Ettore Kalsi for availability and pricing.