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Galactic Medical is always looking for promising new recruits to train to fill its ranks.

We offer a variety of careers from medical to vehicle production to good old fashion pilots.

Basic training begins with you at the B1 Rank, you are assigned an equipment pack and first ship. You will be taught all basic screens and actions. Your equipment pack will include clothing or armor, weapons, medical items, and other basic supplies.

Once you master the basics you'll have the choice to be placed in either Logistics or Production departments and set you on your way to your dream career. Another option is the Confederate Corps, our department to deal with our personal who work with the Confederacy on a regular basis. This could be logistical work, production, or even military in nature. Any Galactic Medical personal may, by choice, serve with the Confederate Military in a reserve or active manner.

We offer many different opportunities for our employees, and treat them like family. You are allowed time off for personal business and are encouraged to participate in their own ventures as per our charter.

We also elect our Executive Chief of Staff who is our second in command, and after six months you are able to run for the position yourself.


To Join:

Go this page: http://www.swcombine.com/members/faction/index.php?mode=join1

And select Galactic Medical from the list, you'll be accepted as soon as we see the request, please contact either Ettore Kalsi or Pat Kil`astra and they will get your training started.