Our Company

Galactic Medical is newly established and growing organization that has its foundations in a number of groups and people. While our base of operations is in the Essowyn System, we provide our services galaxy wide. Ensuring the common people can get the medical goods and services they so desperately need.
However, in order to provide these services in the future we dedicate our present to preparation and expansion. We are creating stock piles of goods and when we can ensure a steady supply to meet demand we will begin public sales.
  • Established by the Galactic Medical Charter.
  • Director by Leader Ettore Kalsi.
  • Elected Executive Chief of Staff is Pat Kil`astra
  • Owned by Crawford Zapp. 
  • A member in the Confederacy of Independent Systems. 
  • Represented in the Confederate Senate by Pat Kil`astra and Ettore Kalsi.

Galactic Medical was formed from merging two small businesses together, formerly focused on weapons and ships these two groups, as lead by Ettore Kalsi and Mopar Scape, and keeps the small business feel to this day. Ettore Kalsi, then Chief Operating Officer and Senior Partner of Pacnorval Defense Systems, was approached by Crawford Zapp of old TransGalMeg with a simple offer. Mister Zapp would pay incorporation fees and provide a small fleet of haulers in exchange for the technological advantages it held. In exchange he would provide an avenue for Ettore Kalsi to continue his dream of running a larger company. Knowing he could not do it alone, but could not rely solely on his other ventures looked outside to find Mopar Scape and company, who joined them and through months of preparation their ranks grew. Ara Miransi helped forge the original charter and laid major foundations for the company including its original academy, Praxius Academy.

This would change over time, Ara Miransi and Mopar Scape would both die before their times and Praxius Academy was taken over and then privatized by Ara's sister. Pacnorval Defense Systems experienced a short revival at the hands of the new COO Pravus Malum with the help of the Royal Trade Alliance. This version of the company would later be dissolved, and the alliance with it.

Galactic Medical would go on to sign an agreement with Andromeda Republic and then applying to the Confederacy of Independent Systems at the urging of then Executive Chief of Staff Leo Iscander.

Once accepted they continued with the new goal of helping the Confederacy, and the new resource of the Confederacy itself.

Through economic recession Galactic Medical has managed to grow and still lead by Ettore Kalsi it makes continuous strides. Still aiming for greatness Galactic Medical moves forward into a bright future.