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Interview with Head of State Ettore Kalsi

posted May 13, 2011, 1:05 AM by Ettore Kalsi

Y12 D165

By Vi Key Veil

I met up with Ettore Kalsi at Mercator Dux where, with his son, he had been training all morning. Our meeting was accidental, as I stumbled through the halls looking for the docking port he ran laps through the hall, his young son following close behind. The young Prince Jack ran into me and tripped and through this awkward gesture Ettore took notice to me. “Vi Key.” He smiled, “Say Hello Jack.” And the boy did. “Hows your research coming?” He asked, wiping the sweat from his forehead with a white undershirt that had hung from his back pocket.

“Very well, thank you. Would you care for an interview?”

He laughed at the suggestion, and admitted he saw it coming. “Let me shower up.”

We met a half hour later at a table in a room buried deep within the station. “Where do we start?” I asked, but knew already the answer. “You are to face reelection in a few weeks for your position as Head of State, correct?”

He nodded, “Yes, but as of now there's no other candidates for the position, so I believe I'll be winning another term.”

“No other candidates?”

“No, we go through a nomination process, and I have been the only one nominated for Head of State at this point.”

“I wish you the best of luck, though it doesn't seem like you need it. The Confederacy is also creating a Supreme Court now, is that right?”

“Yes, our constitution demands it, but up until this point we've been unable to do so. We're nearing the final stages though so I do believe it will be established and practicing by the end of the month. It will be a great victory for law and justice.”

I look through my notes and bring up breaking news. “Today a new charter went to a ballot at the Galactic Medical Board of Directors, it differs significantly from the Miransi charter that has been used for the last year. Would you care you explain what is different between the two?”

“The new charter is a part of our ongoing reorganization, and the rewrite was done to simplize our charter as a major complaint has always been its lack of readability. It changes almost nothing functionally, besides a slight change to the Board of Directors to allow transfers of elected positions easier. Its main purpose was to make it easier to read, everyone else was an afterthought.”

“I understand, would you like to explain more about this ongoing reorganization?” I ask.

“We've developed a new rank system for the company, and a easier department system, with the new charter and a major upgrade to our holosite we hope to make everything run smoother and more efficiently. The whole way we do business is changing, and all for the better.”

“A new rank system was a part of Pat Kil`astra's campaign for ECoS, did he have anything to do with the project's completion?

“He did, he took the project and ran with it, I came to it in the end and we tidied it up. He's been very receptive to ideas and criticisms and in general, has been a great Executive Chief of Staff.” Ettore explained. “I would definitely support him in July should he wish to run again.”

“Sorry for hopping back to the CIS, but speaking of elections, who do you support in the elections there?”

“As head of State, I can not vote, however Siejo Kutol has my support for his positions, and our man Jerex Yakamoto has my support for the Supreme Court. As to what is surely to be the biggest election this time around, the election of the Supreme Commander, at this point Senator Alex Track has full support. He serves in the Military, and was denied his rank of Vice Admiral in what's been called an abuse of power. As Head of State I have no power over military affairs, but I am working with the Senate to help avoid what happened to him from happening to anyone else. I believe the Senator has a hell of a fight a head of him, but I believe he can do it.” he stops for a moment, but before I can ask another question he adds, “I have nothing against Echuu for Sabo, but I believe they have bigger responsibilities right now, ones that Alex lacks at the moment. I think we should take advantage of our idle energy instead of diverting the energy many factions need from their leader.”

“Are you implying you can't lead an alliance and a company?”

“Not at all Ms. Veil. What I'm saying is both their respective factions need them right now, while Senator Track has his entire focus on the military, and has many great plans, he was instrumental to setting up the fleets for example. We'll see how it plays out, it can go any way as far as I'm concerned.”

I nod, checking my notes for something to ask. “The Construction of County Kil`astra was started not that long ago, would you like to share anything about that project?”

“It'll serve as the home of Count Kil`astra and will house a few more factories for GM. As we grow our assets need to aswell, and I am dedicated to increasing our production capacity.”

“Its been a wonderful talk Your Majesty, thank you for your time.” I offer my hand and we say our good byes.

Interview with Prince Ettore Kalsi

posted Mar 10, 2011, 11:04 AM by Ettore Kalsi

Y12 D101

By Vi Key Veil

For once a story came easy this week when Ettore Kalsi, leader of Galactic Medical and First Prince of Praxius came to me, offering himself before the media for the first time since his taking on the role of Confederate Senator. We ran into each other on our way in, he wore a fedora style hat and a long coat over what appeared to be an imperial navy uniform. He exuded a calm greater than any I had ever associated with him. He seemed truly happy.

“You're Majesty, Senator, what exactly should I call you?” I asked.

“Call me Ettore, please.” He opened the door for me and lead me to the conference room used by the board of directors. “Make yourself comfortable.” He says, taking off his hat and coat.

“Thank you for finally agreeing to do an interview. I've been calling your office every day since the incident with Captain Fang.”

“I know, I read the first part of your special report on me, it was an interesting piece.” He smiles, crossing his leg and leaning back, hands together at his waist. “I'd very much appreciate it however, if we could avoid the topic of that incident. There are many of topics which we may discuss.”

The King strong armed like the best, and be bowed. “Fair enough. Can I ask why according to a great many witnesses Amanda Kalsi died, and yet until a few days ago she walked around Praxius and Mercator living and well? Can you explain her resurrection?” I can play hard ball too.

He laughed, he knew what I had done and he appreciated the maneuver. “The women who died, the mother of my son, was actually a clone of my wife. Fang's idea of a joke.”

He said the name and I knew what it meant, change the subject. “Your ex-wife?”

“I suppose she is now, yes. We came to a mutual agreement.”

“And you get full custody of Jack?”

“He is not her child.”

“Right.” Clones make everything confusing. “Will you be jumping back into the dating scene?”

He laughed again, flashing the smile that Amanda had surely fallen in love with. “Not right away. I have work to do, at Galactic Medical, and within my family. At some point, sure. I think I'll rather like the single father routine though. At the same time I don't want to deny Jack a mother. It's a complicated decision.”

“How is Jack? Would you like to give an on the record explanation to his rapid aging?”

“We believe it was caused by the fact that his mother had rapid aging characteristics, as they are common in clones. These genes got passed on and caused him to suddenly and rapidly grow and age. Galactic Medical dedicated its top doctors to ensuring the genes were deactivated, allowing Jack to age normally for the rest of his life. The miracles of modern medicine.”

He was remarkably good at ending a line of questioning. “Since they seem to be coming up a lot, can you tell me about your clones?”

“Trying to get me in trouble Vicky?” He said, only half sarcastic. “The clone of Amanda commissioned a pair of clones based on me. We call them Alpha and Beta and we have allowed them to live their lives as they see fit.”

“Fair enough, Ettore. How has your role as Senator changed the way you do business?”

“On some levels, not at all, and on others, very much. As a part of a larger group there's a lot more repercussions and consequences for our actions. The Confederacy is a loose alliance though, so we're never forced into anything, and it provides lots of flexibility. I believe everything works to everyone else's benefit.”

“And yet rumors also speculate you are looking into other alliances?”

“No, not exactly. Friend's of ours are trying to get something going and I promised to be unbiased when I considered their offer. Though we also have our agreement with Andromeda Security and Star Forge, and the CIS constitution promises us the power to form outside alliances. As I said, it is flexible.”

“You serve as one of two Senators for Galactic Medical, the other being Duke Leo Iscander. It was recently announced that he would be taking a leave of absence from his duties as Executive Chief of Staff, can you explain his reasoning?” I asked him.

“Leo is on vacation.”

“That's it?” Ettore nodded and smiled. “Okay then... are there any upcoming plans you'd like to announce?”

“Yes, actually. We are going to be further expanding Praxius, westward. A new hospital, with a trio of new factories, a second prison and plenty of new housing, not to mention entertainment. But we also have plans for a new temple, as our new position in our confederacy has showed many people the books of kampar, and the religion seems to be picking up steam in our neck of the woods. Damn popular ewoks if you ask me.” He laughed. “It will double our production capacity on the planet and allow us to completely replace our Vendaxa holdings all onto one planet, Berebosuil. This centralization will allow unprecedented efficiency within our production departments.”

“You've been boasting about this centralization for months, I'm glad to see it come to fruition. I would like to thank you for this interview.”

“I'm sure it will be popular.” He stood and we bid our good byes. I knew he was still hiding something, and he was getting better at it.

An Interview with Duke Leo Iscander

posted Feb 15, 2011, 3:21 PM by Ettore Kalsi


I was informed by his Majesty that the Duke would not be able to meet me in person today, but that didn't stop our interview. In the Galactic Medical head quarters we met in a board room, his image projected into a stylish white chair.

“Greetings Your Grace, thank you for agreeing to this interview.” I began.

“Always a pleasure, Vi.” He says with a slight smile, he is not used to the lime light and shies away from the public life his job now requires. He is a man who prefers the back room, the personal aspect of politics.

“Lets begin with the big news of the last week, the reorganization of Galactic Medical, what are your thoughts on this major shake up of the organization?”

“I support it fully.” He states immediately. “The Prince sees a need to change and is very good with organization. After reviewing the plans, I believe this will strengthen us once fully implemented, however admit it's not my strong point.”

“Admitting weakness? not something you see often in others in positions such as your own.” I prod, but retract just as quickly. “I meant no disrespect my Grace, I simply mean to say, I am refreshed by your honesty.”

“I am not most others I see no harm in admitting weakness, most people don't because they fear challenges to there position. I welcome them without worry.”

“I am glad some in power are still welcomely accountable. Moving on, what do you think of King Kalsi's chances at making it to the Confederate Supreme Court?” Ettore Kalsi, King, Prince, Leader, father was also now becoming a justice, if his nomination gets through the senate.

“I believe he will make it with 100% certainty.” He says with full confidence, an honest smile spread across his face.

“You don't feel that's a bit overconfident? or even arrogant?” I ask.

“Not at all, he has to be in the top 3 as far as votes, and currently the numbers have him in a 3 way tie for the lead..” He pauses briefly, “as a senator I have clearance to see how the voting goes.” A senator appointed by Ettore Kalsi after their joining of the Confederacy. Iscander had been a head diplomat and paved the way towards joining the Confederacy. This experience and personal insight into the Senate assured him the interim appointment. A few months from now he will be fighting for his seat in an election.

“A peek into the Senate.” For a moment I see something behind him, a women, but she disappears. I am glad to see our King is leading.” It takes a moment for me to get back on track. “If he wins now, a special election will be called for a replacement correct? For his senate seat?”

“Yes it will be interesting I have a candidate in mind for the position but i will not comment more than that.” He says.

“Rumors have it that Pravus Malum may run for the seat, have you any comment on those speculations?” The rivalry between Duke Iscander and Margrave Malum has often been a topic in Praxius since the election in which against Malum, Iscander would narrowly win and become the executive chief of staff.

“Pravus has his own company to run is all i will say.” He says it without alluding to any ill will, and that's the way he wants it. On the record nothing is there, I have heard him say it many times, that whatever people see between them is because me want to see it, that too could be true.

“Have you any comment on the dissolution of the older Pacnor and the recreation under Margrave Malum's leadership?” Recently Ettore Kalsi, the Chief Executive Officer, with the support of Majority Shareholder Leo Iscander, called for the dissolution of the weapons company, who had been handled by the Margrave for the last many months, and saw a number of issues through its time, under both Kalsi's original leadership, and the second regime of Malum.

“Margrave Malum and I don't always see eye to eye, however I wish him well. Beyond that, no comment.

“I will press no further....” I resign. “Is there anything you personally would like to bring up?

“Yes, I would like to say that I will be giving bi-weekly addresses to the faction and encourage everyone to read them.”

“Ah yes, the new weekly address of the King have also started yes? A new one should be made this weekend if I am correct, does this mean yours will come this weekend aswell? If not, when should we be expecting it?”

“It will be this weekend, yes. I expect to highlight my feeling on our progress and diplomatic endeavors.” He explains.

“Galactic Medical has made great strides from its isolationist policies of the past, would you like to elaborate on any of that progress now?”

“We are members in good standing of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, a move I pushed for, feeling that we needed allies. It is a big galaxy and it helps to have friends in it.”

“One can not deny the effect the Confederacy has had on Galactic Medical, but at the same time, many blame it for its recent recruitment issues.” Galactic Medical, once a bastion of freedome for young people from around the galaxy, now face recruitment issues almost daily.

“They would be short sighted to do so.” He goes on to explain, “the recent membership problems spring from our split with PacNor in my opinion.”

“That is also a relationship worthy of investigation, I agree. More in this galaxy are interested in killing than healing.” Pacnor, being a weapons group, never had issues with membership before.

“Indeed they are.”

“Galactic Medical's second hospital is currently under construction, spreading GM's healthcare system to the otherside of berebosuil, are there plans for further medical centers in the system?”

“Yes, as soon as the diplomatic talks are done the Corporate alliance has offered the use of a planet for us.”

“And Galactic Medical has plans to spread medical care to that planet aswell?”

“Yes, aswell as production facilities.”

“I am sure the citizens of Essowyn will be glad to hear this news, many are grateful as it is, for Galactic Medical's healthcare industry.” I glance at the clock and decide to keep pushing.

“You have begun construction of a shipyard in the system aswell, correct? Iscander Prime? One can assume this will be apart of your growing Duchy?”

“Yes it will be done in about just over 3 days.”

“Wonderful news, more jobs brought to Essowyn by Galactic Medical. News has it the Kingdom will also be undergoing reform, including your duchy, do you have any comment to this rumor?

“Indeed. He begins but changes his mind. “Not at this time, no.”

“Mind if we cross into your personal life? You married the beautful Gabbi Yuri, correct?” The famed women, once almost winning most beautiful woman in the galaxy.

“Yes, she is my wife, and soon to be mother of my children.”

“Oh, you are to be a father? Congratulations.”

“Thank you very much. I am extremely happy.”

“Ettore showed the same glee with the news of his son, do you know if yours will be male or female?”

“Twins, one of each.” He says with a prideful smile worth of sin.

“Ah beautiful. With personal growth, career growth, and company growth, I suppose you many reasons to feel "on top of the world?" The old adage did not die with the single planet system.

“I live my dream to be sure.”

“I thank you for this interview, is there anything else you would like to say before we bring this to a close?” I begin to wrap it up, his eyes star off camera, watching is wife, without a doubt.

“No, I thank you for your time.”

“Excellant, then I thank you for your time aswell, the Praxius Press will surely enjoy this interview.” I smile happily as I gather my notes. “Good day, my grace.”

“Good day, Vi.” He leaned forward and turned off the receiver, leaving me alone in the Galactic Medical board room.

This has been a window into the Duke's mind, and this has been Vi Key Veil reporting for Galactic Medical News and the Praxius Press.

Galactic Medical News and the Praxius Press

posted Oct 14, 2009, 11:16 PM by Ettore Kalsi   [ updated Feb 9, 2011, 1:49 PM ]

This is Vi Key Veil reporting for the Praxius Press and Galactic Medical News. Together we will bring forward all the news pertaining to Galactic Medical, the House Kalsi and the Confederacy.
Things to look forward to: An interview with Galactic Medical Executive Chief of Staff and Confederate Senator, Duke Leo Iscander. and the Supreme Court Vote results, will Senator Ettore Kalsi's nomination make it through the vote? What does that hold in store for Galactic Medical's second senate seat? 
Many see yesterdays passing of the Election Act as evidence that King Ettore expects to win, and to serve on the Supreme Court, but time will tell.
This has been your brief introduction to the Praxius Press.
This was Vi Key Veil reporting, now signing out.

New Website Started

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Inspired by the CIS holosite, I have started to make this new one, please send and comments or anything to me.

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