Welcome to the official holosite for Galactic Medical!

We are based in the Principality of Praxius on Berebosuil in Essowyn, Trax. We provide medical services through multiple hospitals on the planet and deal medical goods from Mercator Dux, a trading station near the planet.

We offer many services you can view the complete list by selecting Services on the menu to the left.

Please explore our site to learn more about Galactic Medical, its leadership, and its structure.

Who We Are

We are everyone and we do everything. Galactic Medical is made up of many professionals from many industries, and aim to provide medical services to the whole of the galaxy, but at the time must focus on internal growth. Our services can be found here.

Galactic Medical has many interesting and exciting employment opportunity, please view our careers page for details regarding fulfilling and rewarding employment with Galactic Medical.