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As many of my friends inquired me about getting a scholarship to pursue their higher studies in Japan,  I would provide a summary of the scholarship information from the point of view of the institute I belong and all university in Japan.

First thing to note : If you already got a master's degree, you would be applying for the 3 year program, if not, for the 5 year program. This is a common factor across many fields, in all universities in Japan.

National Institute of Informatics (NII)

Main page to look at regarding the scholarships at NII is : 

As you can see there are mainly 2 scholarships available at NII (in terms of benefits, they are all the same).

1. NII Scholarship
- If you have an outstanding academic record, including publications (more weight for Journal publication and might be sufficient if you are at least a co-author), you would have a higher chance to get this one.

2. Research grant for non-Japanese students based on the MOU international agreements of the National lnstitute of lnformatics(MOU Fellowship) outright grant, not a loan.
- If you come from a university which has a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding ) agreement with NII, it might be easier to get this scholarship. 
- This scholarship also require somewhat outstanding academic record, including publications (please check how many students get this scholarship each year here :

All Universities in Japan.

1.Application for Japanese Government (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) Monbukagakusho: MEXT Scholarship

- There are two routes to apply :
  a) Domestic route : apply while you are student (e.g. privately financed or self- financed) in Japan, and apply for this scholarship with a potential adviser, who you would be working with
  b) Embassy support route : apply while being in your country, you have to go through the application and selection process in your country, and after getting the scholarship, you would choose your adviser to work with and would come to Japan. I think, depending on the country, competition will be high or low. If you have studied Japanese language, that will be a plus for this scholarship application. 

- The important website to look at :   and  and
- Another important thing to note is that this scholarship is available at various academic level or studies : Scholarship for 
  a) Graduate Students (Masters, PhD)
  b) Undergraduate students
  c) Research Students
  d) Specialized training college students

Among the options a-d, you can choose the suitable one depending on your current academic level. However, one would be interested to know about the option (c) research students  here : ( If you can get this scholarship,  you would be a student doing research at a lab in a university in Japan, here you may not be earning a degree. However, while you are in Japan, you can either extend this scholarship to become graduate student or apply for another scholarship, may be option (a) in Japanese domestic route. In this path, you can learn about doing research in a lab in a university in Japan. Then, later decide what to do, while you are doing research.

2) Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Honors Scholarship for privately financed international students 
- JASSO offers financial assistance for current students who are already enrolled in (e.g. privately financed international students). Accepted applicants receive a monthly grant for the fiscal year provided from JASSO. 
- Please check here for general information about JASSO:

3) Apart from that there are more options for scholarship (private), not listed in the website, usually announced via emails,  one can only apply for them if he/she is already enrolled in a university in Japan.

Important Note :  You have to maintain a better academic record through out your studies to continue  receiving any of the above scholarships. In other words, in  case if your academic records fall below an acceptable level (please check the scholarship condition), your scholarship might be suspended or terminated after an annual evaluation. 

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