About my work

Gail Deptford is a Lincolnshire based painter and printmaker who, since graduating from De Montfort University in 2000, has exhibited her work in the UK, including the Mall Galleries in London.

Primarily a landscape painter Gail's work is based on her immediate environment, whether that is her garden, a local landscape or whenever she travels. Often using her garden as the starting point for paintings, having designed it, planted it, tended it, it seemed a waste not to paint and draw it too. Not interested in a conventional "view" she explores the seasons, the wind, the rain, the colour, the experience of being and moving around that space. This place has become even more important during Covid times.

Fortunate to have visited Australia for the first time shortly before Covid19 struck, Gail's memories of that trip, of being a stranger in a new place, became the focus of her paintings during this strange year of lockdown. Again, not interested in a conventional "view" her paintings explore the visual excitement of seeing the new for the first time, of looking, glimpsing and exploring a new environment.

Having not practised her printmaking skills since leaving university, Gail has recently started to explore lino printing with the specific idea of developing an idea based on the Covid19 pandemic and its the effect on travel and the airline industry. This is particularly poignant as, having overcome a fear of flying, she finally managed to venture long haul to see her sons, one in the USA and the other in Perth, Australia. Having overcome that fear to the point that she was beginning to enjoy flying, she is now grounded until foreign travel is again possible, a small difficulty in these very sad and difficult times for so many.

If you are interested in Gail's work please contact her by email at gail@gaildeptford.com. Not all the works shown on this website are available as some only now exist as photographs.