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Training plan

The program will be individual for each student, but will follow the main 
  1. Introduction to the Rhodopean folklore, traditions, and music. History of bagpipe, Bulgarian bagpipes, differences. History of Kaba Gaida.
  2. Structure and making of the Kaba Gaida. Materials, traditions and maintenance.
  3. Producing a sound – fingering, pose, blowing. Tones/ Half tones.
  4. Basics of music theory - music sheets, notes, duration, time measures, etc.
  5. Fists songs – Otishol mi e Karadzha, Ripni Kalinke, Otishla mi e Stanina maika, Pokachila se Tudora.
  6. Suits – sequence of several songs used for convenience for group playing. Suit 'Otishol mi e Karadzha', Suit 'Na mene li si Ruso', Suit 'Sos ma karash, maichinko'.
  7. Basics of group playing - roles, signals, start and end of playing.
  8. More songs and suits: Pustono ludo i mlado; Haida Kalino, Rodopsko pravo horo, others.
  9. Irregular time measures: 7/8 – Rachenica and 9/8 – Svortnato horo.
  10. Non-measured songs.
  11. Ornamentations Level 1 slow and fast songs. Playing songs with ornamentation.
  12. More songs. Irregular time measures: 7/8 – Rachenica and 9/8 – Svortnato horo.
  13. Ornamentations Level 2, 3 and 4 
  14. More songs and tunes.
  15. Playing in groups
  16. Improvisation
  17. ...