Kaynak Band

Traditional Kaba Gaida Folklore for International Festival

Kaynak Band from Bulgaria is а kaba gaida (Bulgarian bagpipes) band formed to continue the traditions of gaida performance. Kaynak means ‘source’ and is used to describe a state of the player when the music that he plays come straight from his soul.

We are responsible
Kaynak Band is deeply involved in continuing traditions in kaba gaida performance, making and training process Kaynak Band organizes events for kids http://kids.kabagaida.com Kaynak Band participates in charity events, volunteers and works with all people.

Yanko is the leader, dirigent, composer of the band, selecting best composition for each particular scenario and putting everything into place.

Тодора Василева. Родена съм през 1982 година в Смолян- малко градче в сърцето на Родопа планина. Още като дете-4-5 годишна започнах да пея родопски песни. Когато някой от рода ни се за женеше, аз бях част от програмата- излизах и започвах да пея.
Като ученичка участвах първо в училищната "битова" група, после се включих в състава на Детско-юношеския фолклорен ансамбъл "Орфей" в града. Близо 3 години бях една от солистките на ансамбъла.
След завършване на училище продължавам да се занимавам с пеене и съхраняване на традициите, като взимам участие в редица фолклорни фестивали в страната и чужбинa.
Kostadin has been playing the gaida since he was 10 years old. He was inspired to start by his cousin Nikolay Beliashki who at the moment is a renown gaida player and maker. The greatest musical influences upon him were his first teacher Kostadin Ilchev and the famous traditional players from the village of Gela. In 2014 he won the first price of the National Competititon for kaba bagpipers in the village of Gela. For years he has been playing authentic folklore with different groups at festivals in Bulgaria and abroad. He is one of the few most dedicated people on earth teaching more than 20 students and children worldwide.
Peter Yordanov ( Buny ) was born in Sofia Bulgaria and is a sled taugh master of unusual musical instrument tupan(dual), hang drum, cajon. His cajon was custom-made for him in Slavakia. It has built- in bongos and 4 strings. He created the group called Echoo- Balkan Samba in 2008, and year later - a group called Oratnitza. As a member of those he has regulary played clubs and festivals around Bulgaria and around the world including Malaysia ( Penang World Music Festival 2013 ); Finland ( Tromso World Music Festival 2013 ); Belgium ( Brosella Folk & Jazz Festival 2012 ); Russia ( Perm World Music Festival 2014 and 2015 ); Balkan Trafik 2011; Greece ( Balkan Fest 2012 ); Slovakia ( Summer Tour 2012 ) Both groups participated in the July Jazz Festival (BG) and won the Audience Award. In 2012 Oratnitza issued its debut album and 2015 created new album called FOLKTRON
Cvetelin plays Bulgarian Kaba Gaida since 2005 year performing on weddings, events and festivals. He is a passionate trainer, teaching kids and adults both in Bulgaria and abroad. In 2010 Cvetelin participates in the Danube Music Festival as a first price winner of the festival competition where he performs on Kaba Gaida with world-famous musicians like Carlos Nunes, Theodosii Spassov, etc. In 2012 year he co-founds www.kabagaida.com where he provides best kaba gaida trainings and instruments worldwide and manages the online kaba gaida community.

Атанас Пеев
Роден на 06 януари 1984 г. в град Смолян. На 14 години започва да свири в Детско-юношески фолклорен ансамбъл „Орфей“. Свири в оркестър „101 каба гайди“. Има призови награди на Национално гайдарско надсвирване в село Гела. През 2012 г. участва в концерт в Будапеща, Унгария, а през следващата година във фестивал „Аповиля“ в Абтвил, Швейцария. През 2013 г. печели приз „Пазител на традициите“ в категория занаяти на А.Р.И.З. През месец май 2012 г. участва в рекорд на Гинес за най-много гайдари, свирещи едновременно.
Nikolay is one of the few makers of Kaba Gaida bagpipes in Bulgaria. He is an excellent bagpipe player and is a part of  the very popular assembly "101 Bagpipes". Nikolay was born in the town of Smolyan. He had began playing the Kaba Gaida when he was 12 years old. One of his teachers is Konstantin Ilchev, who is also a maker. Nikolay made his first Kaba Gaida at the age of fifteen and since now he has made ​​hundreds of bagpipes, sold in Bulgaria and abroad. Several times he won first place at the National Bagpipe Competition at Gela and some other contests. 

Nikolay Belyashki is a maker, who always stays true to the tradition and the unique style in making the authentic Rhodopean Kaba Gaida. He uses mostly dogwood, acacia and plum to make the bagpipes.


"To Chicago And Beyond" 2016
"From the Source" feat Valentina Dobreva 2014
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"Two Rhodopean Bagpipes" by Nikolay Belyashki and Atanas Peev 2014
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