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Kaba Gaida

Training and traditional handmade bagpipes and accessories
Rex from Wisconsin
I must say it is the by far the best gaida I have, and I have around ten of them. Really it stands as a work of art all by itself ... I hope to play it enough to be true to the music and respect and love it. ... The attention to design and detail is extraordinary.
David from Australia
Thank you from my corner of the world for such a fantastic web-site, it's so good of you all to put in so much selfless time and effort, us pipers/musicians on the other side of the world who have a love of the Kaba Gaida and it's music and who wish to be able to play the instrument would be totally in the dark without your wonderful web-site.
Alexandre from Switzerland
Thank you for your excellent service and all your advice. I am very happy with my Kaba Gaida.

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In case of reed and bag failure we'll replace them for free.
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Who we are
Our mission is to make the Rhodopean Kaba Gaida and folklore available for more people, edicating in human values trough traditions and music. We believe that diversity in music is essential for our society and the Rhodopean Kaba Gaida and folkore are important and significant part of that diversity of unique cultural tradition worldwide.

That's why we work on the folloing projects:
  • Platform for training in Kaba Gaida (Both in Sofia and onilne @
  • Build a community for kaba gaida players and fans (is Sofia and abroad) and enable people to make a normal living by working as a Kaba Gaida player/teacher or maker.
  • Introducing the Rhodopean Kaba Gaida on the international cultural stage with our band Kaynak
  • Kaba Gaida and Folklore for Kids
Even so we work out of the motherland of the Kaba Gaida we respect and believe that the sound of Kaba Gaida played in the Rhodope mountain is unique and every Kaba Gaida player should know this from personal experience.

There are many people backing up the project. Special thanks to Yanko Marangozov, Nikolay Belyashki, Valentina Dobreva and many many more.

However there are two friends and Kaba Gaida pipers most active on the projects: Kostadin Gerdzhikov and Cvetelin Andreev.

Kostadin has been playing the gaida since he was 10 years old. He was inspired to start by his cousin Nikolay Beliashki who at the moment is a renown gaida player and maker. The greatest musical influences upon him were his first teacher Kostadin Ilchev and the famous traditional players from the village of Gela. In 2014 he won the first price of the National Competititon for kaba bagpipers in the village of Gela. For years he has been playing authentic folklore with different groups at festivals in Bulgaria and abroad. He is one of the few most dedicated people on earth teaching more than 20 students and children worldwide.

Cvetelin plays Bulgarian Kaba Gaida since 2005 year. Since then, together with Kostadin and Yanko participates in a bagpipe band KabaGaida.Com Band where he performs on weddings, events and festivals. He is a passionate trainer, teaching kids and adults both in Bulgaria and abroad. In 2010 Cvetelin participates in the Danube Music Festival as a first price winner of the festival competition where he performs on Kaba Gaida with world-famous musicians like Carlos Nunes, Theodosii Spassov, etc.

Besides that, Cvetelin has been involved in technology startups since 2003 year acting as founder, partner and occasionally Java Full Stack software developer. Currently Full Stack @ DreamixFounder of, loves to travel. Helps @ OmniMom. Practices sustainable gardening and lifestyle. Runs a kindergarten. Father of two.

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