2014/03 Wild Design Workshop

A fun design workshop for Damanhurians introducing the importance of Base Maps & Wild Design for harvesting ideas . Done Sunday, March 2   


& recording here >> http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/1684738-tentyris  (1hr 30mins)

Base Maps & Wild Designs

created Sun 2 March 2014

click to enlarge pictures

These are in our FB group and it would be great if they were labelled there? (even better if we invited the people who did the drawings... to say something about each of them) - can also see some of this in the recording I expect

... to be continued :)


Base Map

Wild Design

Materials Needed

Lots of paper & painting materials (crayons, colored pencils, felt-pens, etc. - no watercolors, too messy!)

Plenty of space to draw freely

Digital Camera (photograph all sketches with good quality definition)

Computer with projector & good sound for skype connection

Times & Structure

A local FACILITATOR needed to manage the group & do basic admin with pictures (see parts in red) 

(times can be changed, this is just to give an idea of time-flows)

3.00 Introduction - what we will be doing & why
3.10 Base Maps - what they are & why they are important 
3.25 Sketching support group - intro: why useful to sketch with the attention of the group, what we will be doing, how & why
3.40 Divide up into groups of 3 or 4 people & start
(each person will get 5mins to sketch, then 10min round + discussion within the group)
4.25 Stretch Break  (during which FACILITATOR please photograph all the sketches! So we can upload them asap, & share them on this page) 
FACILITATOR also get everyone back in time & ready for next part:
4.40 Wild Design - what it is & why it's important
4.55 Start doing wild designs (individually)
5.25 People into groups of 3 or 4, each person takes 5mins (3 if in grp of 4) each to explain their wild design to others in the group  - if we can RECORD these, it would be great!!! (audio ok if we make sure the connection with the sketch is maintained, video would be FAB :)
5.40 Final round - something new I've learned & what I most liked about the workshop
6.00 End & Goodbyes  (FACILITATOR photographs all the wild design sketches!  Next upload all the pictures in picassa folder here )


with references to the Integral Permaculture Classes & supporting materials in the e-book, www.PermaCultureScience.org

Base Maps

This workshop for the Damanhur people will focus on some of the content of this class on Maps:

Which corresponds to the M2.2 Class in the e-book


Betsy, from Dendera, facilitating
Stella, Integral Academy, teaching
Francine, Permaculture consultant
Diomedea, Capo Nucleo, Dendera
Husky, Captain of the Region, from Magilla (checking in)
Macaco, from Dendera, president of GEN EU and organizor of EDE
Eddie, from Dendera
Karin, from Dendera
Setter, from Dendera
Ravel, Son of Setter, friend of Dendera
Quaglia, from Dendera
Bonobo, from Prima Stalla, agricultural nucleo
Mila, from Dendera
Javier, New Life, at Dendera
Daniele, (friend of Diomedea, interested in helping)
David, friend of Dendera


latest comment on top

Stella 29Oct'14 - Re-organizing the whole wiki so as to be easier for new students to find it useful .. and I discovered I can copy pictures of this lovely workshop we did all those months ago from the facebook group!  Didn't do al of them .. will come back to this :)

Stella 3Mar'14 - Uploaded the presentation + added link to the video of the class (I couldn't hear after a while... was just my puter or is the recording defective?? hope not!) See above.  Betsy, you can upload straight from any device to picassa or YouTube ... you don't need to use your pc, necessarily (if that's helpful.. otherwise ignore ok :)

Betsy 3Mar'14 - Bellisima!!! Grazie from my heart for your lovely and loving designs.
Stella, a soul hug to you for the wonderful workshop. It was such a joy!
I am working to upload all the photos and videos but have hit a snag. My hard drive is completely full from a series of interviews I did for work. I need to offload a few meg of video before my hard drive will let me offload the camera. Very frustrating. Will have our "Wild Designs" to you as soon as humanly possible.

Stella 2Mar'14 - phew!  Exhausting especially because I didn't have my wonderful techie help here and am a little clumsy with wiziq ... but I loved seeing you all and witnessing all that creativity...
THANKS Franci for sending your beautiful designs, here they are.  

1) Betsy please upload all the pictures in picassa folder here, then I can organize them here if you wish.

2) Any audio or video recordings  can be uploaded separately (video in YouTube, audio in DBox or Google+) - let me know what u have & I'll help put them together here with the designs

3) Please can you compile the emails of the people who want to keep in touch to develop this design & send to me?

4) Would b great to have up to 3 super-keen people amongst those who would like to take the full permaculture design course for free in exchange for being our special local contacts (welcoming the students there when they arrive, etc.)
- let me know if / who they are please!


Stella 24Feb'14 - great we finally have a date! :)  So Betsy you're going to be the facilitator, see Materials Needed + bits in red in the program. 
Any questions??
I would love to know at least the names & if possible something about each person that is going to participate!  If you have time would be great ... have started a list below ..