2013/12 Integral PC Academy

The Integral Permaculture Academy responded to the Permaculture Quest Invitation with this proposal:

GaiaSis Damanhur Project Proposal 
by the Integral PermaCulture Academy, 7/12/ 2013 

The GaiaSis Programme later expanded into the en.EcoEscuelas.net project of which Damanhur is now a part.

This Wiki Set Up

In January 2014, after many emails being exchanged about this possible partnership, as things got more complex Stella started compiling the  emerging project management into the private sections of this wiki, which later was adapted to have a public part to present the project to anyone interested in participating.

December 2013 Proposal

from the Academy:

The Integral Permaculture Academy is composed of a group of international & multi- lingual activists with decades of experience in practical work toward Sustainability, with the vision of Re-
designing society to create a Permaculture: a sustainable culture, a culture that is dynamically creative & in increasing harmony with all forms of life on Earth. Our website is www.IntegralPermaCulture.org


From 2003 we have worked collectively to create an expanded, modernized and integral* permaculture curriculum, which is presented in the extensive multimedia & bilingual online Designers Manual,
www.PermaCultureScience.org, where we have selected the most significant (and coherent) models that are useful for doing any permaculture design, from many different  'worlds', arts & sciences. (There is a Damanhur page in this manual).

We changed to using more online tools for our teaching in 2007, as we found we could accompany students more closely, longer-term & with very individualized mentoring on their action-learning pathways, & noted this greatly increased the quality & level of the understanding practical work they were able to do, as agents of change in the world. 

* Integral works with inner & outer, individual & collective models: the full
range of human awareness

The full range of courses offered by the Academy can be seen here 

The GaiaSis Programme

Note - The GaiaSis Programme later expanded into the en.EcoEscuelas.net project of which Damanhur is now a part.

"GaiaSis" is short for "Sisters & Brothers for Gaia".

All of the courses offered by the Integral PermaCulture Academy are Action Learning courses (centred on the students' real-life designs). 

Some of our students don't have own home projects they can work on, & others contact us specifically to gain a wider range of design experience for the diploma. 

So we are teaming up with sites with interesting design challenges that need permaculture designers to work on them, and coordinate with both sides to find the most beneficial way of working for everyone concerned, especially for Gaia. 

This is a unique online-onsite internship program, where students are first prepared by us online (usually at least to PDC level (the basic Permaculture Design Certificate) so that they can arrive on site with a good understanding of design & permaculture principles and the project work which needs doing on site. This also provides ample time (1 to 3 months) in which the students, tutors, mentors & the hosts can get to know each other well - this is very useful for any living & working together arrangement.

We would be very honored & excited to work with Damanhur on such a partnership. We can very easily add a "GaiaSisDamanhur" option to our range of courses & in this way have some enthusiastic permaculture designers arrive on your site within a few months already well briefed & prepared to do focused, useful work, in a way that is already part of their design portfolio, should they wish to take the permaculture diploma later, and integrate optimally with your project.

You can see the GaiaSisCanaries program page here - www.IntegralPermaCulture.org/courses/gaiasis
We can create a similar web presentation for the Damanhur project, which can be edited & updated by yourselves as you wish.

Local Consultants

Our dear colleagues John Button & Francesca Simonetti, are a very experienced permaculture consultancy team (Nature Designs) currently residing very close to Damanhur, in Montescheno. They will be delighted to visit the site & mentor the students both online & on site.

Note that currently all teaching materials of the Academy are in English & Spanish, but Franci & Stella are Italian & John speaks Italian, so eventually this program could be given bilingually.

Next steps

(Draft 1):

1) Sunday 8th Dic'13 Betsy is presenting the project to her group. Decide whether to go ahead.

2) If approved, we start writing up a GaiaSis Damanhur page together - can use this as template: www.IntegralPermaCulture.org/courses/gaiasis/canaries

3) Connect on Skype to get to know each other face to face, between John, Franci (local Permaculture consultants) with Stella (Integral Permaculture Academy coordinator) & Betsy + any other interested people from Damanhur. Discuss / edit this plan.

4) John & Franci to visit Damanhur and assess the site + break down work to be done into design projects - to give prospective students an idea of what work they might do. This will multi-function to start a more detailed plan for the site, with priorities, etc. Eg. https://sites.google.com/site/nodoenglish/courses/gaiasis/canaries?pli=1#TOC-Examples-of-Design-Projects

5) Once the web presentation for GaiaSisDamanhur is ready, we get the news out there far & wide & start calling permaculture students who are interested in working there (we already have a lot of students who are interested in doing interesting project work somewhere)

6) Then all of us (certainly John, Franci & Stella, then anyone from Damanhur who wishes to) will get to know the students online, whilst they take the basic permaculture design certificate, PDC (option B on www.IntegralPermaCulture.org/courses)

7) When they're ready with the basics + are well briefed on the designs on on site & have chosen their 'niche' to work in, they arrive at Dendera ready to get to work (under John & Franci's supervision locally, and Stella + colleagues supervising their evolving design portfolio online, as they document their work).

Charges & Payments

A) The Academy will charge the students for the online PDC course, step 6) above - this will include online supervision whilst they are on site also & John & Franci will have a percentage of that depending on how much online supervision they wish to do -

B) Damanhur will charge the interns for accommodation, food, etc. locally, step 7) above + whatever fee we agree with John & Franci for the on site consultancy & supervision work

Contact Details 

Stella Strega Scoz - Coordinator of the Integral PermaCulture Academy,  stella(at)gaiatasiri (dot) org, Skype: StefaniaStrega, Telf.. (+34) 922 400 133

Resides at the 8thLife ecovillage project in the Canary Islands a future node of Damanhur)

Sincroníe Interessanti

Stella 18Nov14 - ci sono delle coincidenze interessanti da tutte le parti che hanno influito molto sul mio interesse personale per partecipare in questo progetto.   Ce ne sono tante, quindi torneró a elencarne altre cuando tengo tempo, peró per incominciare ...

  1. Nel 2006 ho coordinato il primo incontro di monete complementarie in Spagna e giá conoscendo (e ammirando moltissimo) da parecchi anni il sistema  economico alternativo di Damanhur, invitamos Lemming (economista) ad essere il 'main speaker' in questa conferenza.    Simpaticissimo e molto interessante, facciamo amicizia e scopriamo (tra altre cose) che io vivo in Finca Luna e lui in Porta della Luna.  Ci invitiamo mutualmente a visitarci, cuando sia possibile.  
  2. 2008? Coincidenze per altri viaggi mi portano molto vicina a Damanhur un anno o due piú tardi e decido di accettare l'invito di visitare che mi aveva fatto Lemming: é la mia prima visita a Damanhur, vedo i Tempi, Crea, altri nuclei, faccio camminate bellissime con Lemming nel territorio ... e aparte confirmare una sensazione chiarissima che ho sempre avuto con il spirito di Damanhur, vedo chiarissimamente che quá ci sono opportunitá straordinarie per combinare le parti giá sviluppatissime di 'permacultura interna' (spiritualitá, integritá, progettazzione a livello sociale ed economico) di Damanhur, con le altri parti molto piú avanzate (di quello che vedo fisicamente nel territorio di Damanhur) dalla comunitá mondiale di permacultura a livello di 'permacultura esterna' (biodiversitá, fertilitá, ecologia, produzione di cibo ed energía, tecnologie solari passive, etc.).  Peró la permacultura ci insegna che é piú produttivo 'andare solo dove si é invitati' e quindi solo menziono a Lemming che mi piacerebbe tantissimo organizzare un corso di permacultura in Damanhur, ci sogno, peró non faccio nessuna proposta concreta.
  3. 2010? Due anni piú tardi il mio compagno Julio e sua figlia Sara (12 anni allora) e una carissima collega permacultora, Nuria decidono unirsi ad una visita a Damanhur di un gruppo spirituale della nostra isola, e loro 3 sono accolti a Porta della Luna come voluntari per una settimana (Julio é un carpintero esperto e Nuria una agricultora bravissima, e si divertono molto aiutando a migliorare alcune infrastrutture).   Ritornano contentissimi della visita e parliamo molto di piú (tra di noi) della idea di creare un nucleo di Damanhur nelle Canarie.
  4. 2011? Piú tardi mandiamo a Lemming un progetto per iscritto della idea del nucleo Damanhur nelle Canarie, giá che incomincia il progetto di eco-villaggio, en.8thlife.org  (che é connesso alla Academia di Permacultura Integrale, www.integralpermaculture.org).  Grazie a Lemming, facciamo un incontro bellissimo (per skype) con le Guide.  Risultato positivo con prossimo passo suggerito dalle Guide di visitare Damanhur personalmente, peró insieme, io e Julio.   Cosa che peró ci risulta molto difficile perché siamo ancora solo in due a tempo pieno nel progetto di EcoVillaggio e abbiamo tanti animali che non vogliamo lasciare in mano a volontari...
  5. 2013 Betsy manda la proposta Permaculture Quest alla comunitá mondiale di permacultura, e rispondo, felicissima di vedere questa proposta chiarissima ed esplicita di invitare la permacultura a Damanhur!   Penso subito in due carissimi colleghi permacultori esperti che vivono in Italia, John Button e Franci Simonetti, e gli mando l'invito ... che cosí scopro infatti vivono abbastanza vicini alla Valchiusella e (altra cosa che non sapevo) che stavano anche, da tempo, pensando di come unirsi ad una comunitá ...

Stella Ne,
4 Nov 2014, 02:10