Beauty & Design


How could anyone pretend that aesthetics should be marginal in good Permaculture design, subjective though it is?    And, in the whole of Damanhur, art & beauty are important components of our spiritual perspective.

Tentyris is already a beautiful place to be, but imagine the inspiration this could fertilise, to build on that beauty in whatever dimensions we dare to think of.

If we wake to beauty, work in beauty, pass through beauty, we know we can be much more productive.

Play-work with water, species diversity, flows and textures. All our dreams can come to reality. 
We incorporate spirit and body and mind to nurture those dreams. 
Loose the limits.
Niches and atmosphere can be developed as we design and develop.

So we welcome anyone who is so inspired to build on that beauty in whatever dimensions they can think of, and know that permaculture design offers many possibilities for beauty to be combined with productivity in ways that we might not have explored before.

Detail work in the glass laboratory