ABC of the Design

How do we design such a complex community project?

From November 2014 the new iPDC course students at Tentyris, Didi, Cindy & Adriano will take on this design under the direction of Stella from the Academy & Betsy from Dendera who initiated this phase of the project.

This, for now, is really THE CENTRAL design, the one with critical importance since it is about HOW to use the massive resource of expertise, creativity, ideas, etc. that exist in Tentyris and allies interested in this project.

Next Steps 

Stella 6Nov14 
  1. Observe, observe, OBSERVE!  Go through what we've documented so far on this wiki, ASK questions and make sure to document everything for those who come after.
  2. Start filling in this design, together (Didi as Design Coordinator)
  3. Design good complementary Roles for each person in the team - see private page started about that here >> 2) People & Roles  - Cindy's and Adriano's we've talked about, they are emerging, DO start to design them & share some initial notes.
  4. Decide if, when & where to make those roles public.
  5. Research & document the History of the Project (choose & share tasks for fleshing out missing parts)
  6. Identify people who are particularly interested in the various Design Projects and list them in the respective pages
  7. Adopt and start observations for the Design Project of your choice. NOTE you need to present TWO designs to gain your PDC, and you decide which, or indeed whether it makes sense for you if they are the Tentyris ones - depends on how much time you have, as obviously the Tentyris ones will be multi-functional & mini-max.
Wait to do Class 2.3 for this, See Vision private page, also.


1) Damanhur's values are of course primary 

Out of the creation of a Tradition, a Culture, a History and Common Ethics, a People is born. 

1. Citizens are brothers and sisters who help one another through reciprocal trust, respect, clarity, acceptance, solidarity and continuous inner transformation. Everyone is committed to always giving others the opportunity to aim higher. 

2. Each citizen makes a commitment to spread positive and harmonious thoughts and to direct every thought and action towards spiritual growth. Each person is socially and spiritually responsible for every action they take, in the awareness that every act is multiplied and reflected through the Synchronic Lines all over the world. 

3. Through community life, Damanhur aims to develop individuals whose reciprocal relations are regulated by Knowledge and Consciousness. The fundamental rules of life are common sense, thinking well of others and the welcoming and exaltation of diversity. 

4. Work has spiritual value and is understood as a gift of oneself to others. Through it everyone takes part in the material and spiritual progress of the people, carrying out assignments, as they become necessary. Each citizen offers a proportion of his or her work in activities of common interest. Every task is precious and carries the same dignity. 

5. Those who take on roles of social responsibility carry out their tasks in a spirit of service, without looking for personal advantage or serving the private interests of others. Only Citizens residing in the Communities may be elected or nominated for positions of social responsibility. 

6. Spirituality, research and ecology inspire all relationships with the environment, through the use of appropriate technologies, useful in improving the quality of life. Every Citizen lives in communion with nature and the subtle forces which inhabit it. Everyone is committed to respect and preserve resources and avoid as far as possible forms of pollution and waste.

7. Each Citizen respects his or her own body, takes care of it and nourishes it harmoniously, refraining from any form of substance abuse. Citizens put into practice rules of life suitable for harmonious physical, mental and spiritual development; they ensure the orderliness and cleanliness of their environment.

8. Each individual is expected to be capable of self-control, of making mature choices and of manifesting purity in thought and action.

2) The Values of the iPC Academy, to which we openly work by as an EcoEscuelas network and teach on the iPDC course are listed here,

3) Any additional values important to the residents & the people who will be most affected by any design we produce.

<< students research & link here >>

4) The students also may bring their own values (which need to be coherent with the core values above) and formally state that they will uphold the core values in all of their work.

<< students research & link here >>


“Of course, chaos can lead to failure and extinction. But so can order. 
Far more nations, people, and ideas die of atrophy than die from revolution. 
Both order and chaos are necessary ingredients for long run success - for sustainability.”  ― John IkerdSmall Farms Are Real Farms


Stella 6Nov14 - Amongst the team of designers we are figuring out what roles it make most sense for us each to hold (designing the team). There is a private page (at the moment) about that here.


What's going Well

(this serves well as a 'Done List' so keep up to date! we tend to forget out advances very quickly + this multifunctions beautifully as a newsletter draft as well as to keep us all up to date)

Adriano 19Nov14
+ The iPDC course hosted by Damanhur is getting more defined and we are working to improve both the experience of the students and the one of the Damanhurians

+ The interest of the Damanhurians keep raising, especially on the facebook page

Adriano 11Nov14
+ Individual roles are getting more defined
+ The group is compact and pleasant atmosphere is here
+ Tentyris people are fairly interested in us and in our work and in the wetlands, last Sunday they took action and worked on the wetlands cleaning from cutted thorny bushes.
+ Glenn contributions helps us in how to deal with water management. Glenn is a student of iPDC and collaborator of Stella.

Stella 5Nov14 
+ Great to have Didi on board as Design Coordinator! :))  A great advance, and we're all delighted at how perfect he seems for this role!
+ Good first meeting on skype introducing what we've done so far of this design.
+ We have an enthusiastic fan in our FB Group :)  Capriolo Simon Andrin Westermann i LOOVE IT, you guys ROCK!

Stella 4Nov14 
+ Betsy just sent out this beautiful letter this morning, presenting the students (who arrive on Tentyris today!) and the project to everyone (including the King Guides & the press)
+ Stella compiled more of the History of the Project, as an observation base for the students to work on documenting, on an ongoing basis. 

What's Challenging

Adriano 11.11.14
- Weather conditions have been really challenging for the last 2 days. Both the wetlands are more wet and muddy, and we are more wet and muddy. Walking and standing and working in the mud is difficult, we feel our forces could be directed more fruitfully for the territory of Tentyris during rainy days.

Design Vision

Next Steps 

News & Updates

Cindy 21Nov14 - Added Damanhurian values and principles

Adriano 19Nov14
Updated the "What's going well" part

Stella 18Nov14 -  During our skype meeting today we talked about the designs each person is working on to present at the end of their course.    The group design will be to move this part of the design (on this page) and / or improve this whole wiki, as the overall presentation of the project for Designing Tentyris.

Stella 11Nov14 - Alberto is coordinating this design!  Please make some time to work on this design.

Stella 6Nov14 - have added Class-Program-6-26Nov-14 below and invited other online students to join us for the 5pm tutorials if they wish (so they can connect with you in Damanhur doing the same class :)
Also see Roles link which I think makes sense under Participation for now?
Updated the Next Steps section 
<<< here.

Stella 4Nov14 - was very excited to see the Alfa Tentyris presentation today, so I put the History of the Project section in date order - hopefully we'll find many more Milestones!  
Did some Next Steps here in preparation for the meeting tomorrow.

Stella 3Nov14 - started this design page today with just  some headings (Vision, Values, Inclusion, Participation, Evaluation) ... to be continued :)  Note this is the most difficult design challenge for this site!  How do we do this as a community permaculture design?

“Trust is built in many ways: by creating opportunities to share something of our lives and feelings, by encouraging people to argue passionately for their ideas and positions while still respecting their opponents' right to differ, by meeting responsibilities and building a track record of dependability, and by sharing risks together.” 

― Juliana Birnbaum FoxSustainable Revolution: Permaculture in Ecovillages, Urban Farms, and Communities Worldwide