Designing Tentyris

This is an ambitious experiment in collective designing by the Tentyris Territory of Damanhur in partnership with the Integral Permaculture Academy.  
.We'll be running a series permaculture design courses (providing the students with the internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certificate or PDC) during (and especially after) which the students will be designing parts of this system together with the permanent residents.   .

Please note that we have a Facebook Group which anyone interested in this project can join - we look forward to hearing your comments, questions or ideas there!

The Design Projects

There are many projects which are parts of the overall Permaculture design for Tentyris. This below is taken from the Project presentation in the EcoEscuelas web.

In between classes there will be time for helping around the site, observing and asking questions about these designs & more, but if you want to seriously contribute to move on any of these projects you will need to stay on at least a few months, & we can discuss internship possibilities after you gain your PDC.

Damanhur is already an extraordinary manifestation of life's potentials.And there is still so much more to unfold. For a Permaculture student there are many possibilities here to develop your skills and contribute to the evolution of this ongoing alternative society.

Whatever you may be inspired to initiate and take on, of course will be according to your ability to harmonise with the existing situation, to light up the interest and delight of the Damanhurians to support your initiative.

The local cultural and social context of whatever we do in Permaculture is always absolutely fundamental to achieving success. An idea may be wonderful, but if it is not relevant to the existing community, it is not appropriate, or we need to modify it to meet locally perceived needs or wants.

“Cultures throughout the world and throughout history that developed stable, sustainable relationships with nature did so through observation—a primary principle in permaculture.” 

― Juliana Birnbaum Fox

News & Updates 

Didi 13/11/14: 
Today we were blessed with sunshine and managed to work on 2 ponds, as the pictures will show.

Didi 12th Nov 14:   After oceans of water coming down from the heavens as piaggio since Sunday afternoon, the work in the wetlands has become not just wet from above but also muddy and boggy from below. For one reason or another Cindy and Adriano decided to depart early this morning from this project and will continue the permaculture online course from their home near Roma. Thank you for your help and company and we wish you the very best with your project.

This morning we were invited to the presentation of the "Origins" project in Damanhur Crea. see In essence it is a collobaration between Damanhur, Tamera and Findhorn as well as the Origins consultants to reduce electrical consumption in Damanhur as well as leveling off the huge fluctuations in consumption, using advanced methodology.

Didi 9th Nov 14 :         Today we had many people from Tentyris as well as other members from the Federation of Damanhur coming to the wetlands to help with the aquaculture project. They did fantastic work clearing most of the briars and other invasive plants before the rain came. Thank you all. Together we will make it happen.

Cindy 09nov14
Yesterday night we presented the proposal for the transformation of the wetlands in Dendera. It was presented by Michal, translated by Adriano and supported by Didi and Cindy. The presentation was well attended by the Popolo of Tentyris. You can find the powerpoint here.

Cindy 09nov14
08:30-10:30 Lecture
10:30-13:30 Work on wetlands
13:30-14:30 Lunch
14:30-16:30 Work on wetlands
17:30-19:00 Skype call
19:00-20:00 Design work

8 November 2014
We are working on the presentation for tonight's meeting with the whole Popolo of Tentyris. 

Stella 3Oct14 - we've now got definite dates for the whole course and start to this ambitious collective design effort:

Tue 4th Nov - Cindy, Adriano & Didi arrive at Damanhur

Wed 5th Nov - Medicals, Magilla for lunch, 3pm Tour of Territory with Betsy, 5pm meeting with Stella (intro to the course + overall design)

6th - 26th November Daily Schedule:

8.30am - 1.30pm - Work on the Territory

2.30pm - 4.30pm - Permaculture Class in Dendera Salón (course students + who they wish to invite).   See Class Program HERE.

5.30pm - 7pm - Design Meeting with Tutors online: how do we apply today's class contents to our designs? (only Academy students who have taken or reviewed the class of the day, wherever they are)

7pm - 8pm - Design Work (applying theory to practice: doing praxis)

8pm - Dinner (Tue, Fri & Sat with Betsy)

ONLINE STUDENTS can take the same classes at home then connect in some of the online meetings with the Dendera group to discuss them - it's ok to join after the 6th, see To Enroll.

Stella 29Oct14 - re-organized whole wiki so as to make it easier to navigate (hopefully!?) although I hope from now on the students themselves will take the lead in re-designing this continuously as they wish, as one of their group designs (in presentation, in this case):

Stella 21Oct14 - yipee :) we have our first enrollments - after all this time planning this!! :)   
I've added Adriano, Cindy & Didi to the Facebook Group for this project (as well as connecting them up in the private online spaces for our integral permacultura student community).

This wiki will be the group's 'repository' of all the process & design ideas, work done, etc.  (their collective Design Portfolio) for this project, and what they will pass on to next generations of designers as well, so I look forward to seeing it grow with lots of collective enthusiasm, as we get more & more designs & work done on the land!