These are pregnancy & birth resources that I've gathered along with my personal annotations.  I do not receive any benefit from any of my recommendations other than goodwill.  These resources are a starting place for you on your family's journey.  I invite you to peruse and as always, make the decisions that are right for your family.

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Tri-City Birth Support Workers

  • Southern Alameda County Birth Professionals (San Leandro to Fremont)
  • Fremont Family & Sports Chiropractic  Personal recommendation: I am a huge believer in chiropractics for well-being beyond the typical back crack'em that folks expect.  Dr. Melanie is one of the only pregnancy & pediatric chiropractor in the area; our family loves her!  The Webster technique is used to adjust the uterine & pelvic ligaments optimizing space for the baby to grow; it's best known for flipping breech presentation (that is, adjusting the ligaments so baby has enough space to comfortably present head down).  It made a huge difference for me during my pregnancy when I experienced agonizing pubic symphisis dysfunction and pelvic joints that would not open up so the baby could drop, because of old injuries.  In addition to prenatally, my daughter has been receiving chiropractic care since she was 3 days old (helped to resolve her colic!) and happily goes in regularly to get adjusted for typical childhood injuries/falls, colds, and allergies.
  • Connection Cafe Chiropractic Union City Family chiropractic (infants, children, pregnant mothers, Webster Technique )
  • Compassion Tree Mama Care  Personal recommendation: Megumi provides loving support for mamas and mamas-to-be--prenatal/postpartum massage, fertility massage, pregnancy dance classes, mama walks, and more.  She is incredibly and authentically present, emotionally and spiritually; she has helped guide me through challenging experiences and is mentoring me in my birth work.
  • Sylvia Boyd is a Lactation Consultant and Physical Therapist based in Hayward who does cranio-sacral for infants.  She is thoroughly versed on newborns with breastfeeding issues as a result of medicalized birth.
  • Amber Hawley MA, LMFT offers body-centered hypnosis for birth.
  • Life West Chiropractic College Health Center  Low-cost chiropractic clinic in Hayward where chiropractic interns get their clinical hours.  Life West is one of the best chiropractic colleges in the US. (I applied & was accepted, but life took me elsewhere.)
  • More Pregnancy & Birth Professionals listed at the Southern Alameda County Birth Professionals.

Tri-City Moms Groups

I am most familiar with HMN and Fremont Moms Buy/Sell/Trade.

Bay Area Birth Centers

  • Bay Area Midwifery: A Community Wellness & Birth CenterOakland, CA This has recently changed ownership.  It is group of community midwives, Pearl Yu, LM, Laura Perez, LM, Sara Flores CNM, Treesa Mclean, LM who have joined together to create a new birth center in Oakland. Working along with Kristen Graser, LM, and Kirsten Soares, LM, student midwives, massage therapists and other healers, they strive to serve the Oakland and East Bay community.
  • Pacifica Family Maternity CenterSouth Berkeley, CA Accepts MediCal.

Bay Area Birth Resource Centers

  • BelliesSouthern Alameda County A non-profit resource center in development!
  • Birthways.orgBerkeley, CA Non-profit educational resource center with classes, workshops and library for parents.
  • Harmony Birth & FamilyCampbell, CA Educational resource center with workshops and classes for parents.
  • Blossom BirthPalo Alto, CA  Non-profit educational resource center with classes, workshops and library for parents.

Pregnancy & Birth Books

Smoking Cessation

Birth Stories

Vaginal Birth after Cesarean

"Natural Cesarean" Birth

The World Health Organization recommends national cesarean birth rates no higher than 5% to 10% for the best outcomes for women and babies.  The US has an epidemic level of cesarean birth rates of 30%, resulting in more health complications for mother-baby (see first link below for rates in our area).  When medically necessary, cesarean birth is a valuable surgical intervention.  The links below demonstrate how cesarean birth is not just a clinical event, it is first and foremost Birth.  It can be conducted in a compassionate manner that honors the Blessed Event and the experience of parents & baby.  Skin-to-Skin/Kangaroo care isn't just for preemies; all newborns, including cesarean-born, benefit from being held close to their mothers' heart immediately after birth without separation.  All it takes to change hospital protocols is educating the obstetricians & consumer demand.  While it would be of benefit for all cesarean born babies, natural cesarean birth is only available for non-emergency, elective surgery (for the most part, cases in which cesarean is medically unnecessary).

    Breastfeeding Support

    I have not personally used the lactation services of any of the professionals below except for kellymom.  I am listing them as starting points.


    Mother Roasting/Postpartum Care "Mothering the Mother"

    Mother Roasting as a term has its roots in Southeast Asian birth practices (popularized by former lay midwife Raven Lang in a 1997 Mothering article), however the postpartum period is recognized as an especially vulnerable time for mother-baby in all traditional cultures.  Mother roasting refers to practices to mother the mother.

    Newborn Interpretation

    Decoding babies
    Once you become a parent, suddenly Bill Cosby is the most hilarious ever.  And let's be real, we need the laughs, and parenthood supplies them in good measure.

    Holistic Parenting

    These are a sample of titles and resources in my library.  Of course every family is different, and what works for me may not work for you.  Take these as reference books and as always, do what is right for your family.  (My bargain places to shop for books are and
    • Holistic Moms Network a nationwide non-profit with local chapters supporting families interested in holistic lifestyle.
    •  great articles about natural pregnancy, childbirth and parenting including a week-by-week pregnancy guide.
    • Fathering Right from the Start: Straight Talk About Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond by Jack Heinowitz A very gentle book preparing fathers for their role as care takers.
    • Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child, 2nd ed. this is a really great book we received from as a baby shower gift (awesome!) that lists common childhood ailments and gives you integrated treatments from western/allopathic medicine, homeopathic, nutritional supplements, acupressure and herbal treatments. all those inconsolable, fever, projectile vomit nights have simple treatment plans.
    • Meditations for New Mothers by Beth Wilson Saavedra  Nice little mother affirmations and thoughts to meditate on in the brief snatches of time you get between feedings, pottying/diapering, naps, etc.
    • The Diaper Free Baby: the natural toilet training alternative by Christine Gross-Loh I liked this book for being very flexible and non-zealous about being diaper-free (also called elimination communication or EC).  I started with my daughter at 4 mos with cloth diapers/wool covers as backups while being a working mom with an agreeable nanny.  She was holding her pee through the night and exclusively using the potty for poop by 9 mos.  We made the leap to diaper-free at 18 mos.