The Dreams of Mothers Can Heal The Earth

BIRTHING FROM WITHIN® Pregnancy & Birth Art is a process for expecting parents to prepare for birth by delving into their beliefs, emotions around birth, and to develop a pain-coping mindset.  Using art can help to tap into self-knowing, deeper ideas held in the body or the subconscious by engaging the right brain, not the left brain (analytical/communicative side).  It is especially productive for folks who are left-brainers or feel resistant to doing art.  The discussion afterwards can be very insightful and surprising.

For moms & dads who have kids already and aren't intending/needing to take a birth class again this time around, doing this one time birth art session can help both parents to connect to the pregnancy, prepare for birth by processing any feelings about the previous birth(s), identify changes they'd like to see this time around, and prepare for a new experience. Sometimes, the mother's birth story becomes the "official" narrative about the previous births, so this also gives dads an opportunity to think about and process their own personal experience of birth.  

This session includes the BFW Laborinth® art exercise which is a technique for cultivating a pain-coping mindset for both parents.  It can be used as a form of mindfulness meditation during labor even for folks who don't like meditation or prefer moving meditation.

Participant Testimony

“I have always wanted to explore birth art in preparation for birth.  I was finally going to have the natural homebirth I wanted with my fourth baby.  Even though I had done this birthing thing before, I really needed to process the past births in order to be present with baby Forest’s birth.  I had a birth art session with Leilani.  Leilani is an innately compassionate healer.  Her calm presence and willingness to witness my process was very empowering and supportive.  She would analyze and contemplate with me at times and sit back and hold space for me when needed.  Leilani maintained the perfect balance of support and guidance through our sessions!  I am very grateful to her!”


 "Although it was only 2 hours, the session allowed us to explore our feelings and our fears surrounding the birthing process.  In an intimate setting, Leilani guided participants through verbal and visually expressive exercises. We can use what we created to help us with the before, during and after birthing experience. The session has left us feeling more empowered and more connected to our baby and one another."

∞ Ana and João

Private Sessions are 1.5 hours
Group Sessions are 2-2.5 hours

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