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After moonlighting as the self-appointed "Artistic Director" in our pregnancy/family picture-taking, I finally took up the camera myself to capture my perspectivewhimsical, tender, and always flattering.  Our newborn provided me with an easy and willing subject; I practically watched her grow millimeter by millimeter. 

As a a photographer, a birth-worker, and as a mother whose birth was videoed and photographed (the products of which are mostly unsharable outside my immediate family), I have a very clear and practical perspective of what birth photography ought to be and a keen eye for composition. 

A woman in birth can be powerful and uninhibited; birth photos can celebrate that respectfully.  There is a thin, subjective line between sacred and profane, intimate and explicit. 
I will get to know you and work with you to understand your comfort level.

Your birth is the story of You. 
My artistic aim is to capture the moment,
tell a story of this blessed event, distill the emotion, honor the relationships, and to create a shareable legacy of your experience while being unobtrusive and respectful of your needs.  As such, my naturalistic, spontaneous style stems from photojournalism rather than studio work.

Samples of my photography/art direction can be seen all over my website as well as belowI am currently available for birth photography, in-home/location-based pregnancy photo sessions (including baby showers & blessingways) & in-home newborn family portraiture (within 2-4 weeks postpartum).

I offer a non-committal consultation to discuss your needs.  Photography packages include the
session itself, photo-editing, and edited digital images on CD as well as an additional consultation (preferably during the last trimester) to set mutual expectations, time frame, and logistics. 

I am also available to edit existing birth & pregnancy photos more artistically.

Client Testimony

"Leilani came over to take pictures of our new baby Forest. She knew that the siblings wanted to be involved and she took pictures of them as well. She really made them feel special and involved. I could tell she is a very loving mom. We had fun taking the pictures. She was fast and efficient along with creative."


Sample of birth photo editing:
Before family photoAfter family photo

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