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Requested byOwnerTarget VersionFeatureStatus
Collin, others Abhishek 1.1 waypoint functionality- save current location, enter coordinates, view list of waypoints, icons for types of waypoints Completed 
Jake, William Abhishek 1.1 UTM, MGRS, DMS, Decimal Minutes coordinates Completed 
Jason Abhishek 1.2 tool to measure distances between two points New 
Jason Abhishek 1.2 UTM/MGRS gridlines New 
Justin R. Abhishek 1.2 wants GPS tracking, but then also wants to be able to calculate area from the track if they walk a polygon New 
Andrew Abhishek 1.2 in-app purchases of maps New 
Tom B Abhishek 1.2  Air photo (color & b/w) like Topofusion for Windows. New 
Tyler C Abhishek 1.2 wants a button to cancel a map download New 
Jake Abhishek 1.2 Geo-tagged photos New 
Jeff U Abhishek 1.2 add distance scale to map New 
Eric Abhishek 1.2 an option of a fine line extending from the tip of the arrow to the top of the map showing the azimuth you are traveling New 
many Abhishek 1.2 GPS tracking New 
Tom B Abhishek 1.2  2 x overzoom (past level 15) New 
andrew Abhishek 1.2 Have metric/imperial default based on user locale - currently defaults to metric New 
Collin Abhishek 1.2 pinch zoom - this currently works, but is not continuous New 
Tom B Abhishek 1.2 newer Topo tiles from mytopo.com New 
Jay Abhishek 1.2 have an online widget for defining and importing maps New 
Virgil Abhishek 1.2 requested a button to change map source on the map (people have requested this on the iPhone too, but our UI with a bottom menu is a bit different and we haven't implemented it - unsure whether this is good here or not) - the actual text of the request is " would like to have a 'layer' button similar to the one Google has in gmaps in the 'labs' options on the main map screen. I know you have limited button choices in the main UI, but I really don't like to have to click into settings and then Map Source to make the choice, I'd like this to be 'one click' from the map. I wonder if you combined the 'saved maps' with the available defaults with a tabbed interface perhaps - that would put everything into a single menu in the main section." Completed 
Jason Abhishek 1.2 compass Completed 
Jay, David Abhishek 1.2 be able to rename saved maps/waypoints Completed 
Dwight Abhishek 1.2 zoom in further on initial load, and remember last place on map as a setting Completed 
Vladimir Abhishek 1.2 ability for applications to be installed to and run from microSD cards (freeing internal space). I must admit, that it's FroYo only feature, so there should be no much demand yet Completed 
Showing 22 items