Sputnik 2010: A Geocache Odyssey (the "movie")

(Yep.. you read that right!)

It took some work to put it together, but we now have a feature-length

"movie" of Sputnik's complete journey, from beginning to end.

The movie shows off highlights from Event Horizon! and has video footage

from all 3 recording devices that went up with Sputnik arranged in an

awesome split screen view so you can see Sputnik's journey from every angle

that was recorded (front, back, and bottom views). Also displayed with the footage

is a telemetry taskbar with coordinate position and altitude in minute increments

as well as fun facts about G.A.I.A., the setup of the near space flight and

many more factoids that will prove informational, entertaining and educational.

And lastly, you can watch information and video footage on Sputnik's recovery. 

In total, that's 2 HOURS AND 15 MINUTES worth of video of the ENTIRE Sputnik Odyssey!

(Screenshots from the movie)
Event Horizon!                                                    The Launch!

Split-screen synchronized video!                            The Recovery!

You can watch a low-quality FULL version of the movie here:

(Please give the video a few moments to buffer, depending upon your internet

access speeds. It is a 2 hour + video, after all.)

NOTE: Found a typo in the credits roll (where it says 110,001 feet instead of 101,001)

This has been fixed on everything but the video below (avoiding long reupload process)

Sputnik 2010 : A Geocache Odyssey (the "movie") LOW QUALITY FULL VERSION from GAIA Caching on Vimeo.

or you can watch a HD (720p) sample from the movie below:

(be sure to select the 720p option after playing to view in HD)

You are probably wondering why there's only a low-quality and sample version

of the movie here. If you were part of or interested in the Event Horizon! and

Sputnik "experience", or just interested in near space balloon launches

(hobby or educational) or all of the above, we figure you might be interested

in watching the video in HIGH QUALITY or HD 720p.

G.A.I.A. went into this endeavor knowing that we would be paying out of pocket

for everything but figured we would try and recoup some of those costs (for both

the flight and the event) as well as potentially fund another flight this summer

(with better weather conditions and much better photo/video opportunities).

We aren't trying to sell you anything. You are free to watch the full low-quality

and enjoy all the photo and video footage we've already placed in the Gallery.

But if you enjoyed the experience or just want to help out (and get something

cool in the process), consider donating for a full-length HIGH QUALITY

movie DVD jam-packed with bonus material including extra video footage

from the event, the raw video footage from the devices and the recovery videos

as well as a slideshow of high quality photos taken from the event, the flight and

recovery. The DVD video is also conveniently timeline segmented so you can

skip straight to some of the more important or memorable moments in the video!

The video comes professionally engineered on a gold-toned laser-screened DVD

that makes a beautiful keepsake to commemorate the journey! (with a little

discovery surprise on the DVD)

All this for a donation of $10 USD! (includes basic shipping and handling)

Standard DVD Package - $10 USD

Additionally, we are offering a SPECIAL EDITION package that includes the

awesome movie DVD as well as a HD DVD containing the full HD 720p videos

and extremely high quality photos (playable on XBOX360, Playstation 3

and PC's with DVD-ROM's). Not only that but the SPECIAL EDITION package

includes several beautiful matte-finished photo prints of Sputnik's journey!

All this for a donation of $20 USD! (includes basic shipping and handling)

Special Edition Package - $20 USD

Either way, it's been a wonderful experience and journey for all of us and we

thank you for being a part of it!