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Transport & Stay

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How to Get to La Palma

This is general information & might not be up to date, please check.

By water

There are Naviera Armas boats from southern Portugal, fairly cheap and can bring a car (Portimão > Madeira > Tenerife)

then need to take ferry from Los Cristianos en Tenerife to Santa Cruz de la Palma (with either Naviera Armas o Fred Olsen)

Information February 2011 was that return Portimão - Tenerife SC was 166€ per person, & 466€ with car (max length 4m85 & height 1m85. Between Tenerife SC & La Palma, 104€ with car, & 47€ without car.       The journey by boat takes 2 days, stop-off in Madeira, once per week - leave Portimão on Sundays at 13h, arrive in Tenerife tuesday.    Return journey leaves 16h on Fridays from Tenerife, arrive Portugal 8h on Sunday.

By air

There is one airport on the island, Santa Cruz de LaPalma, airport code SPC

(do not confuse with Las Palmas which is the capital of Gran Canaria)

there are regular planes from Madrid by Iberia, as well as various offers to other islands from other companies.

The cheapest air fares tend to be to Tenerife > then get boat or second flight to Santa Cruz de LaPalma.

There are sometimes offers from Manchester or London by Thompson's                   or with Norwegian (also from London).     

Where to Stay

In Santa Cruz de LaPalma
Many boats arrive late & you may need to spend the night in SC.
Note that you cannot sleep on the beach.  

We recommend staying in the Pensión La Cubana


There is a timetable for the Island buses here
if you ask for a bus pass (targeta) you can fill it up on the bus with 5€ or 10€ & pay 30% less. Otherwise have change ready: each journey is about 2€

Bus 500 from the Airport to SantaCruz (10minutes)  > timetable
Bus 300 from SantaCruz to LosLlanos (45mins) > timetable
Bus 100 from LosLlanos to Puntagorda (1h 15mins) > timetable

Then we can pick you up in Puntagorda 
which is 10mins by car from us, so you will need to phone or text us when you leave LosLlanos please, so we know when you arrive.  

Note our telephone numbers:
Maja Mo. :  (+34) 602 611 936
Stef Mo. :  (+34) 697 590 185

And remember to give us your mobile no. if it works in Spain so we can also contact you.