6) Where we are

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The Land

  • Beautiful 15,000 sq.m organic farm in LaPalma, one of the Canary Islands
  • with spectacular views of ocean & mountains
  • very fertile land, many fruit & nut trees planted 
  • & large gardens (already organized into a year-rotation chicken-tractor system, with irrigation, etc.)
  • all in a very green, natural area with ideal climate for fast & abundant bio-production
  • at 10mins walk from village square (a small village, population circa 200, but complete with playground in plaza, shop, church, bar-restaurant, bus-stop, cyber-shop)

Vesta garden chooks

  • 200 sq.m of small structures of which:
  • 16sq.m stone tool shed - newly restored
  • 33sq.m stone house (currently library & office) with vine-shaded patio
  • 35,5sq.m stone house & animal shed to restructure (currently storage & carpentry shed)
  • rest are light open structures: large kitchen, solar shower, compost toilets
  • 2sq.m  brick washing machine house
  • 16sq.m stone deep water tank supplied with pure spring water (ideal for water-culture & future dipping-pool to multi-function with water-storage, several other large water deposits available in surrounding properties)
  • there is also regular 'tap' or council water supply
  • main-line electricity supply
  • good (reliable) ADSL internet connection
  • very good neighbours in quiet neighbourhood
  • stunning views & beautiful peaceful location 
  • near good public transport

(above figures from first farm, in 2015 we got another one)

there are a lot of tomatillo trees on the site

Where in the World

La Palma is one of the smallest 

and the most north-westerly of the Canary Islands

Where on the Island

the farm is on the north-west of the island, 

at 10min drive from the town of Puntagorda

& 30min walk through the most spectacular natural scenery

The farm is located at an altitude of 750m above sea level, near many local beaches, with good transport connections yet in an area of very low risk of future high-impact development (because of the geography of the site).

Please note we do not give out our address to strangers (we like to get to know you quite well first) because this is our home & we value the intimacy & safety of our family.  Please be thoughtful about this.

The Shares Map

This sketch (to scale) shows the 8 shares of the finca in different colours. 

The 6 half-moon shapes are the gardens which are terraces in a small valley, the extended parts are the forest-gardens or terraces of the shares.

The areas of the shares are very similar in area but not equal, however all share-holders have equal right of use of all the shared installations (the buildings & facilities) so the share value is not based on area but on right of enjoyment of the whole finca.

The other larger properties (which are also for sale or soon will be) border on each side of this finca & are ideal for families - prices range from 40 to 140 thousand euros.

Our first priority is to find the ideal people for the self employment opportunities already identified and listed in this section of Butterfly Jobs, as this we think this inter-linking of skills and work-areas would ensure a solid EcoBusiness base to make the EcoVillage viable, based on our ten year observation of the region and economy.    We are also of course also open to suggestions.     Anyone with a back-up online business and a genuine interest & wish to also do physical work in one of these areas would be ideal.

Please note we do not give out our address to strangers (we like to get to know you quite well first) because this is our home & we value the intimacy & safety of our family.  Please be thoughtful about this.

We live in a very beautiful place

But we don't live here as consumers of this beauty, rather as stewards & protectors of the land.  

We do not want people to ask themselves "Do I want to live there?  Will I like it there?" 

but rather to ask themselves "Does this land want me here?  Can I be of best service here?"

Because the first question supposes that land can belong to us, the second understands that we belong to the land.

Note we do not publish our address nor give it to people we don't know yet because this is our home, & we value having intimacy & safety for our family.