Welcome & Introduction

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8thLife is an EcoVillage project 
starting in the Canary Islands 
a unique opportunity 
to co-create & invest in a healthy future: 
for you, for your family, 
for future generations 
& for all species.

View looking west to the Atlantic Ocean

The Reason > WHY

This is the Mission Statement of our EcoVillage project:

We believe 
that stopping the destruction,
working to build soil,
restore ecosystems, 
heal our addictions,
change organizational structures
of the global economy
& learn to live in community
starting locally ...
are the 
most important & urgent
jobs to do now.

If you are clear for yourself that supporting the transition of
our destructive society to a sustainable world
is your first priority
you will love this 
& we are looking 
for you.

You can read more about this in the 1) Why section of this web

Arachne garden, houses of neighbours on other side of little valley

The Land > WHAT

  • our priority so far has been to raise the fertility, plant-cover & biodiversity of the land for the first 5 years of stewardship work here, with the help of our beloved sheep, chickens & guinea-pigs who provide us with lots of rich compost  (we have not done the usual which is to put most initial resources into human comforts)
  • of the trees, many are mature & already fruit-bearing - many almonds, oranges, lemon, nisperos, cactus-fruit, pears, plums, figs, chestnuts.  The area is famous for its abundance of almonds which apart from the great harvest, create a unique spectacle of almonds in flower during january-march (not to be missed!)
  • focusing first in minimizing erosion - by adding lots of swales on slopes & ground-cover everywhere - we have added many trailing vines for shade & food, like passion-fruit & vines & we have also been increasing the biodiversity greatly with autoctonous species of herbs, trees & bushes
  • we have also planted a great number of new fruit trees in that time, like walnut, avocado, mandarin, apple, chirimoyo, banana, olive, sharon-fruit, carob, acacias, tagasaste, mango, date-palms, dragos, papaya, guayaba, mulberry, quince & tomatillo, all with full watering structures in place

a young guayaba tree

See more in the 2) What (& News) section of this web

mainly by planting lots of trees, like this tomatillo

The Vision > HOW

To re-populate an ancient farming hamlet* with 15-25 people 
(starting with a smaller group on existing site).

We are committed to using the best wisdom we have to date
to co-create a sustainable 
& healthy community & eco-village,
as a theoretical starting base.
To enjoy the big & difficult adventure of learning how to live
productively & in harmony with each other, 
with the land, with the local cultures
& with all other species.

With the aim of forming one of the thousands of important 
post-industrial 'Leaver' settlements
we need in order to Transition
to a truly sustainable, just & humane economy, 
culture & future.

* Finca Luna  was the farm we brought in 2006, then in 2014 we brought one of the neighbouring farms, FincaFortuna. These are surrounded by other farms - some for sale now, others probably in the future - which used to comprise an ancient eco-village.  The vision is to join up the land under a Foundation (land owned by the Foundation with share-holders having full permanent right of use) as a base of the EcoVillage.

See more in the 3) How section of this web

The legendary Drago trees & Canarian Pines, which can grow in rock: 
we have lots to learn about how to survive & thrive, from local ecosystems

The People > WHO

Note that it is the People-Care aspect of this project which is unique & we are interested in hearing from people who much more excited about this, rather than the exotic location, as their main motivation for joining us.

So it is now a requirement that prospective members have taken at least this first module of the Integral Permaculture course in order to be included in the internal design process we're carrying out, which is all thoroughly documented on private wikis.  See below (WHEN).

the camping site open-air kitchen from the side

See more in the 4) Who for section of this web

The amazing almond-flower spectacle starts in mid-january...

WHEN to Join or Visit us

We are constantly improving the visits program
& now we welcome people who wish to share
with us this exciting and challenging adventure
of transiting toward a life more coherent with our values.   

See more in the 5) When to Visit section of this web

La Palma is an island of contrasts ... 
here on the road descending from Roque de los Muchachos, 2,500m

The Site > WHERE

Note we do not publish our address nor give it to people we don't know yet because this is our home, & we value having intimacy & safety for our family.  

  • Beautiful 20,000 sq.m organic farm in LaPalma, one of the Canary Islands
  • with spectacular views of ocean & mountains
  • very fertile land, many animal systems already in place, with fruit & nut trees planted several gardens
  • all in a very green, natural area with ideal climate for fast & abundant bio-production
  • at 10mins walk from village square (a small village, population circa 200, but complete with playground in plaza, local crafts shop, church, bar-restaurant, bus-stop, small gallery & tourist-information office)

Vesta garden (part of the big chicken-tractor system)

  • hostel accomodation in addition to the residents' house & camping site
  • abundant spring water + regular 'tap' or council water supply
  • main-line electricity supply
  • good (reliable) ADSL internet connection
  • very good neighbours in quiet neighbourhood
  • stunning views & beautiful peaceful location 
  • near good public transport

we planted a lot of tomatillo trees on the site

See more in the 6) Where we are section of this web


You can subscribe to our mailing list here.  To see all newsletters go here.  These are our last 3 newsletters:
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"There is one, and only one, solution, 
and we have almost no time to try it. 

We  must turn all our resources 
to repairing the natural world,
and train all our  young people to help. 

They want to. 

We need to give them this last chance 
to create forests, soils, clean waters, 
clean energies, secure communities,
stable regions, and to know how to do it 
from hands-on experience" 

"...the greatest change we need to make 
is from consumption to production
even  if on a small scale, 
in our own gardens. 

If only 10% of us do this, 
there is  enough for everyone. "

- Bill Mollison

We are creating an EcoVillage in solidarity with the citizens movements all over the world that are becoming more conscious of the predatory nature of the system that most of us 'civilized' humans now live in.  

It is up to us to change it.