open source project for aerodynamic simulations based in potential flow theory

OpenVOGEL is an open source project that provides students, researchers small companies and hobbyists from all over the world, free access to a computer program that allows the numerical study of aerodynamic and aeroservoelastic problems. OpenVOGEL provides in one simple and intuitive package a complete set of tools to build from scratch, calculate and analyse a complete aircraft model. The software integrates several grid generators, unsteady flow theory based in first order panels, structural dynamics by finite elements (modal decomposition) and a graphical user interface. We emphasize our development in the simplicity and intuitiveness of the GUI, so as to make the software as easy to use as possible. At the same time we try our best to provide a general- purpose tool, with as less limitations as possible, so that it can be useful in different fields.

The software is developed under General Public License (GPL), so that any change or improvement that is brought can be beneficial for everyone.
Everyone is invited to use VOGEL, whether as end user or developer: professionals, professors, students and hobbyists.

GPL makes OpenVOGEL great for hobbyists and researchers

Many of our users (including the author) are hobbyists, either dedicated to building drones or light sport aircraft. Because OpenVOGEL is free of charge, many low-budget developers use it as their main tool for their calculations. Most other quality calculation programs in the aeronautical domain are extremely expensive, so OpenVOGEL is very appreciated by them. Another great deal of users are attached to research groups, and they mostly either work in the development of rotor-blades or in wind-energy. They use OpenVOGEL because of the power of the UVLM, while they benefit from the freedom of having access to the source code and that for a very low cost.

OpenVOGEL offers more than a calculation program

If you are studying aerodynamics or doing research, you might be more interested in the science behind the software than in using it. Unlike closed applications, OpenVOGEL gives you the chance to access the source code and learn from it. You can also bring improvements of any type or new features that could be beneficial for your project and other users. You are also allowed to create a modified version of the software (customize it for whatever purpose you like), as long as you publish it under the same general public license (GPL v3). This is why Open VOGEL is more than a program for end users, it is also a learning tool.
Using the software for professional purpose and getting revenues from that is also allowed. However, you cannot trade any version of this software or any software containing our source code or linked to our DLLs. If you modify the software, the GPL allows you to whether keep that version for private use, or to publish it under GPL.
If you are willing to develop, take a look at the GPL v3 document (attached in the download folder) to know about your rights and responsibilities. As this project is all based in the goodwill, we at the open source community take this very seriously. You must not deal with this software in any possible manner if you don't agree with the terms and conditions of the GPL.
Remember that the GNU General Public License does not permit incorporating this program into proprietary programs without permission from the authors and without releasing the modified source code.

OpenVOGEL is copyright protected and distributed under General Public Licence version 3.
Copyright (C) 2018 Guillermo Hazebrouck
The project founder and main author has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the UNC, Córdoba, Argentina.