Artist's Statement

Old timber, disused doorposts, waste materials. Inside there is that carving wanting to get out. 

That metamorphosis is what I do, using combinations of materials – a symbolic representation fit for a mythical theme. 

Ethnic art continues to inspire me


I am fond of multiple meanings, ambiguities and personal associations. There is a story behind everly piece of wood and each tool. A sculpture’s coming into being is a personal experience. Sculpture should be felt and touched, not watched on a screen. My favourite is the mask, uniting both portrait and vision.

Hans Westra 

Visit my blog [in English] for latest additions and work in progress:  http://gafpa.blogspot.com   

About me
Born 1960
Self-trained, inspired by ethnic art and mythical themes.
Teacher of English/Informatics
Output: 4-5 works per year