Welcome! All brothers!


Ten Master Masons, happy, doing fine;
One listened to a rumor, then there were nine.

Nine Master Masons, faithful, never late;
One didn't like the "Master", then there were eight.

Eight Master Masons, on their way to heaven;
One joined to many clubs, then there were seven.

Seven Master Masons, life dealt some hard licks;
One grew discouraged, then there were six.

Six Master Masons, all very much alive;
One lost his interest, then there were five.

Five Master Masons, wishing there were more;
Got into a great dispute, then there were four.

Four Master Masons, busy as could be;
One didn't like the programs, then there were three.

Three Master Masons, was one of them you?
One grew tired of all the work, then there were two.

Two Master Masons with so much to be done;
One said "What's the use", then there was one.

One Master Mason, found a brother - true!
Brought him to the Lodge, then there were two.

Two Master Masons didn't find work a bore;
Each brought another, then there were four.

Four Master Masons saved their Lodges fate;
By showing others kindness, then there were eight.

Eight Master Masons, loving their Lodges bright sheen;
Talked so much about it, they soon counted sixteen.

Sixteen Master Masons, to their obligations true;
Were pleased when their number went to thirty-two.

So we can't put our troubles at the Lodges door;
It's our fault for harming the Lodge we adore.

Don't fuss about the programs or the "Master" in the East;

Keep your obligation by serving even the very least.



Stated Communication:  2nd Tuesday Meal Begins @6:30 ~ Business Begins @ 7:30
Street Address:               219 E. Floyd Baker Blvd
                                      Gaffney, SC   29340
                                       Google Map
Mailing Address:            P.O. Box 186
                                     Gaffney, SC  29342
County / District:          Cherokee County / 22nd District




MWB Michael D. Smith, Sr., Grand Master
2017 - 2019   
Landrum No. 278 AFM
Landrum, South Carolina

It is a distinct honor and privilege to serve our beloved Fraternity in any leadership position.  I recognize that leadership has always been based upon the respect given by the membership if for only a short time.  Leadership, in any case, is always accompanied by the responsibility to act on behalf one’s peers and to act in the best interest for all.​

About Us

Gaffney Lodge No. 186 is a subordinate lodge of the  Grand Lodge of Ancient Free Masons of South Carolina.

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