Slide Presentations

Life After Death PowerPoint from EMT Media on Vimeo.

(Funny way to learn what not to do in PPT slide presentations)

Your Assignment:
Spring Break Adventures!
Be sure to invite me:

With your group, decide on a location for your spring break. As a collaborative team, create a slideshow with six slides for that location. Make the slides simple with little text and graphics that "tell a story." Be ready to present!  ;-)

Include These in Your Six Slides:

  • Title
  • Location (use a map image from image search)
  • Three Famous Landmarks or Places to Visit
  • Type of Foods or Best Restaurants (just two or three)
  • Activities
  • Your Closing Slide
Web-based Presentation Tools: - Keynote - Slides | example
Voicethread | examples
Haiku Deck | example

Upload and View  Resources (for PowerPoint files already created):
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