Google Sites for Presentations and Portfolios

Google Sites - Websites Made Easy!
Google sites is a tool that allows you to create professional looking websites without requiring any technical knowledge of HTML. One of the best things about Google Sites is the ease with which you can integrate your Google calendar, documents, or videos. Google Sites can be shared with a small group to keep track of a project, an entire organization to provide timely information, or the entire world to promote and share information. 

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Create a Site of Your Own!
Design a site that you can utilize with your colleagues, your students, an organization, or your community. Create a site that will be useful, one that you can continue to use. Once you create your basic site, then implement the items below.

Learning Activity:
  1. Create a new site with a blank template.
  2. Edit the homepage to reflect the purpose of your site.
  3. Adjust Page Settings.
  4. Include an image in your homepage.
  5. Use the sharing options to invite someone else to contribute to your site.
  6. Go to Manage Site and explore options.
  7. Add a new page.
  8. Edit the sidebar navigation or create horizontal navigation.
Additional Activities:
  1. Add an element from your Google Docs account to your Google Site.
  2. Add a video to your Google Site.
  3. Embed a gadget.
  4. Add a calendar to your Google Site.
  5. Add a theme.
  6. Add a hyperlink to a webpage.