One of the earliest goals of Google Sites was to allow for anyone to “create a team-oriented site where multiple people can collaborate and share files.” To this day, despite all of the advances in Google Docs/Drive, Forms/Add-ons, Groups, Calendar, and YouTube, a Google Site remains the one convenient online tool to collect, embed, and integrate all of these “Google-y” features.Come learn or re-discover how a Google Site can be used in your classroom, for your students or for your own purposes. We’ll go hands-on with everything from embeds to gadgets and more!

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10:15 am
Presentation: Why Google Sites?

10:30 am

10:35 am
Phase I: Creating/Developing Your Site

Break and Pause to Plan

11:20 am
Phase II: Revise and Add

12:00 pm
Sharing Sites

12:10 pm
Next Steps

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Director of Instructional Technology
Google Certified Teacher, Google Education Trainer
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About this Site

Workshops: we'll be walking through each step together in the top navigation bar. There will be time to pause, get help, and reflect during each "step". Please note that hyperlinks will often open in new tabs, so you should be able to browse through different parts of the workshop via the tabs bar. 

At Home: whether you've taken my workshop or not, I've designed this site to help you get a website up and running, as well as dive deeper into what works and what doesn't. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you wish to set up a Google Sites workshop for your own school/organization.