Google Season Pass 

Welcome to the home of The Google Season Pass.  This unique class is designed to engage educators in looking at how to integrate Google Apps for Education (GAFE) into learning opportunities to help students achieve learning goals.  The group will meet throughout the year to learn and develop a plan to encourage student development of 21 century learning skills while addressing Common Core Standards.  Over the course of the 2014-2015 school year the Season Pass course will provide the group with an opportunity to discuss and create materials that will reflect a deeper understanding of the following topics and how Google Apps for Education can be an integral piece of the CCSS equation:

Holidays in United States

September 4:  Intro to Google Apps for Education
September 18:  Hands On - Engage with Google Docs
October 16:  Create and share interacive documents and slideshows.
October 30:  The magic of forms, speadsheets and scripts.
November 6:  Google Classroom - Distribute and collect student work.
November 20: Google Sites - Communicate with your students & families.
December 11:  Use Google to "Flip" your class or extend the learning.
January 15:  Google as a tool to prep for the SBAC...It's almost test time!!!
February 5 & 19:  Make and take - Work on content and project based documents with support from the group. Get ideas from other members too!
March 12 & 26:  Create project based learning challenges and portfolios to house and display work.
April 16:  Chrome web store and apps for student learning.
April 30:  More + Even More: Google is so much more than research engine - Services an Google + 
May 7 & 21: Go next level with Google Apps for Education - Newly released tools and ideas.   

Help to drive the discussion in Season Pass.  Fill in the form below if there is a topic you would like to see covered in a future session....

Season Pass: What do you want to practice?