ETC! - 2/22/14

Hour 1

Before We Begin
Getting Started (10 Min)
An overview of Google Apps and today's workshop
Google Docs & Drive (20 Min)
An online productivity suite (think MS Office) and file storage (no more thumb-drives) all in one location!
  • Docs vs. Drive
  • Helpful Tools - Commenting & Sharing, Research, Dictionary, Images, Equation Editor, Fonts
  • Drive App for iOS & Drive Folder Sync
  • Classroom Examples
    • Collaborative Script
    • Written Piece with Teacher Feedback
Time to Play - Collaborative Writing
Google Voice (10 Min)
An online voicemail and phone service you can use to communicate with students and as a recording tool.
  • Call Joe's Google Voice Number (916.800.3701) and record your story.
  • Quick overview of Google Voice
Sites & Blogger (20 Min)
  • Sites - A collaborative website building tool that can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • Blogger - A place for telling your "story" and starting a conversation - Can also use Edublogs  or Kidblogs if Blogger is blocked at your school.
Time to Play - Sites & Blogger

Sites - Meet with Burt
  • Create a Site
    • Using Editing Tools
    • Inserting Content
  • Publishing Sites
Blogger - Meet with Joe
  • Create a Blogger Blog
    • Using Editing Tools
    • Inserting Content
    • Moderating Comments
  • Publishing Your Blog

Hour 2

Google Maps & Google Earth (20 Min)
  • Google Maps Overview
  • Google Earth Overview
  • Maps vs. Earth - When to Use?
Time to Play - Collaborative Google Map

ETC! 2014 - Collaborative Map

YouTube (20 Min)
Time to Play - YouTube Exploration
  • Explore YouTube Teachers and the EDU Channels 
  • Create Your Own Playlist
  • Test Out YouTube Editor
Google Search Strategies (10 Min)
  • Search with better results

Question & Answer (10 Min)