CUE - 3/20/14

Hour 1

Before We Begin
  1. Need a Google Account?
  2. Who is Here? Google Apps Email Address
  3. Using iPads at Your School?
Getting Started with Google Apps
An overview of Google Apps and today's workshop
Digital Literacy Demands of Common Core
Google Docs & Drive
An online productivity suite (think MS Office) and file storage (no more thumb-drives) all in one location!
  • Docs vs. Drive
  • Helpful Tools - Commenting & Sharing, Research, Dictionary, Images, Equation Editor, Fonts
  • Drive App for iOS & Drive Folder Sync
Time to Play - Collaborative Writing
Google Voice 
An online voicemail and phone service you can use to communicate with students and as a recording tool.
  • Call Joe's Google Voice Number (209.968.0882)
  • Quick overview of Google Voice

Hour 2

Sites & Blogger 
  • Sites - A collaborative website building tool that can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • Blogger - A place for telling your "story" and starting a conversation - Can also use Edublogs  or Kidblogs if Blogger is blocked at your school.
Time to Play - Sites & Blogger

Sites - Meet with Burt
  • Create a Site
    • Using Editing Tools
    • Inserting Content
  • Publishing Sites
Blogger - Meet with Joe
  • Create a Blogger Blog
    • Using Editing Tools
    • Inserting Content
    • Moderating Comments
  • Publishing Your Blog
Google Maps & Google Earth
Time to Play - Collaborative Google Map

CUE 14 - Collaborative Map

Hour 3

Time to Play - YouTube Exploration
  • Explore YouTube Teachers and the EDU Channels 
  • Create Your Own Playlist
  • Test Out YouTube Editor
Google Cultural Institute
Question & Answer (10 Min)