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Best Beard in Baseball

posted Oct 16, 2010, 6:09 AM by Great American Fierce Beard Club   [ updated Oct 27, 2010, 6:48 AM ]
(Editor's note:  Information about Brian Wilson, and the reason for his dark beard has been discovered, after this article went to press.  Read on in the article to find out what)

Throughout the baseball universe, many people have been making a big deal about Jayson Werth's beard.  While the Philadelphia Phillies did sport a spectacular beard last season, he trimmed it down to a soul patch during spring training this year.  He now sports a goatee/moustache combo, which we will have to accept.  However, even at it's best, Jayson Werth could not hold a candle to San Francisco Giants reliever/closer Brian Wilson.  Just look at that thing.  It is intensely fierce, and worthy of GAFBO's first ever Sports Beard of the Week award, and an honorary Golden Gafbo

The reason that Brian Wilson wins this award is obvious to anyone who watches baseball, as Wilson is arguably the best interview in the game right now.  He regularly talks nonsense with reporters when asked basic questions, with his recent interview on "Jim Rome is Burning" being one of the most talked about events in recent history among baseball blogs.  Now, GAFBO despises Jim Rome, and has been racking their brains for years in order to figure out how he continues to be on television.  Our best guess is that he has information, that if shared, would not only destroy ESPN, but ABC, Disney, the U.N., the Yakuza mafia, Scientology, and would re-establish the Berlin Wall and the U.S.S.R.  However, when this interview was brought to our attention, we made sure to watch and were not disappointed.

It's a bit long, so we don't blame you for not watching the whole thing, but do yourself a favor and at least skip forward to 7 minute mark.  But if you do, you will miss the parts about Brian Wilson talking about being a ninja, why he became a reliever, his sweet looking socks, the ease of which he completes crossword puzzles, how he was the inspiration for the movie "Inception," his battle with MLB over his orange cleets, and a part about how freaking tough he is.

YouTube Video

Brian Wilson decided to grow his beard this year while the Giants were on a two week road trip.  It wasn't a new thing for him, as he's always hated shaving, but when the road trip was over he liked the look and kept with it.  That might not seem like much, but Wilson took it a bit farther.  In order to further intimidate opponents, rumor has it he darkened his beard, making it a deep black which clashes with the hair on top of his head.  A reporter once asked if he died his beard with black shoe polish.  He smirked at her, stating "I think you know the answer to that question."  This was neither an admission nor a denial, but nobody seemed to care.**

Wilson has become a sort of cult hero in the Bay Area, inspiring fans to create a Fear the Beard shirt, which you can see on a large number of fans during Giants home games.  In addition to the shirts, fans have taken it upon themselves to sport fake beards while cheering for their favorite team.  It's a level of love for a sports beard that could probably only be rivaled by Baron Davis of the Los Angeles Clippers.  If the Clippers were not the worst franchise in all of sports, I'm sure we would all be rocking paper beards in Davis' likeness.

If all of that wasn't enough to get us to love Wilson, he has inspired his teammates to ditch their razors, in a reverse fashion to what normally takes place in locker rooms across the country when teammates ritually shave their heads.  We need more people like Brian Wilson in our lives.  And we could all use a guy who gets our team 48 saves a season and 127 over a three year period. 

Brian Wilson...GAFBO loves you and loves your beard.  Best of luck against the Phillies and beyond.  We hope that you scare Philadelphia into submission.

And you, GAFBO faithful.  We leave you with some clips of Brian Wilson, pre-beard, being ridiculous on television.  There are a bunch more videos on-line that you can look at, with many gems hidden among Comcast Sports Net - Bay Area's YouTube channel.  Please to enjoy.

YouTube Video

**Since this article went to press, an interesting development has occurred.  Brian Wilson has come out and flatly denied dying his beard, stating that people give him flack because the hair on top of his head is brown and his beard is black.  However, GAFBO can attest to having different colored beard hair from head hair.  Yahoo! Sports article about it can be found here