Need more beard information?  Check out these links, listed in alphabetical order:

American Mustache Institute - Do beards scare you?  Can you only handle the 'stache?  There is an entire institute dedicated to you.

Austin Facial Hair Club - Simply put, this is one of the best beard/moustache clubs in the world.

Beard Team USA  - 

The Beard Club - An excellent site that catches all the facial hair news that slipped through your fingers.

The Beard Coach - Rookie beard grower?  Need some advice on your fuzz?  This site has all the info you need.

Beard Club Documentary - A documentary about the social politics of facial hair, and the ideas and ideals of masculinity, gender, and identity.

Beard Revue - Art, apparel, ephemera and the occasional review for beard and moustache enthusiasts.

Build-A-Beard - A wonderful blog, full of bearded goodies and information, and original material.

Gem City Gentlemen of the Gilded Beard - There should be a word for people who are truly above and beyond being "gentlemen." And then we would rename this club.

Moustache and Beard Social Club - The very essence of Sacramento, CA in a nice, tasty, facial hair pie.

Society of Bearded Gentlemen - It's very classy when you add the words society and gentlemen to your page.

Whisker Club - Located in Bremerton, WA and home to a council seat of the WBMA.

World Beard and Moustache Association

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