Failte go Gaeltacht Iowa

Yes, there is Irish language in Iowa as well as Irish events throughout the year.  Enter our site and learn about Irish classes, dancing, celtic sporting games, and related activities throughout the midwest.  Contact us at:  osenan@hotmail.com  or find us on Facebook at:  IowaIrish

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Our annual Samhain celebration will be held on the 9th of November at our house again, located at 1211 1st Avenue in Vinton.   Some of our group will provide the entertainment for the day with each representing an historical figure, or mythological figure and telling us the story of that person.  We will end the gathering with the sacrificing of Shandy Dan on our "bonfire" and so removing all negativity in our lives for the coming year.
Classes have started back up after Labor Day.  Check out the groups in Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, and Des Moines.

Our Cedar Rapids group meets weekly September through May at Concordia Lutheran Church or Cedar Rapids Library.

We are considering sponsoring an Irish language Immersion Weekend starting up in 2014.  Let us know your thoughts and if you would be interested in attending or helping out.
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