Gaelic Storm is a conglomeration of people joined together to further a common goal. The common goal being of fair play, and the pursuit to better ourselves together as a team. Improving oneself through the assistance from the guild, will ultimately result in the guild becoming stronger.

Gaelic Storm started on the Morgan Le Fay server of the game Dark Age of Camelot several years ago. We originally started as a guild called the Avatars of Norrath from the Tribunal server of SOE's EverQuest, we continued our pursuit in Camelot under a new banner. Ultimately, the mentality of Gaelic Storm has been in formation ever since, and at that time we were the second largest guild on our server overall.

Our belief is that there is 'Strength In Unity', which means that through our dedication and commitment to the guild members and the guild as a whole, we can collectively become a strong, more persistent guild with a lot to offer.

We're dedicated to our members and will do what we can to assist them as much as possible. Through this we aim to help provide class understanding, experience assistance through guild groups and combat practice for PvP. We try to maintain a 'Guild Group' as much as possible when exploring, getting to
know the strength's and weaknesses not only of the character class, but how the player utilizes it and adjust our strategies to accommodate.

We're a close-knit, family-oriented guild that gains its members through friends of friends, of friends. When we consider another player for membership to our guild, we ask that they spend some time with us to get to know us, know our game philosophies and goals, to see if they match their own. We like to think of our guild members as 'extended family', and encourage a long term engagement with each other.

Our mindset is simple; "Without happy, dedicated members we simply don't have a successful guild", and we keep that concept near and close to us and do our best to live our game lives with honor, dedication and sacrifice for the betterment of the guild, the family as a whole.

If you're interested in being part of a weathered and true family, and willing to put in the time to give as well as receive from, then consider Gaelic Storm as your final destination as the guild you want to be part of, in any online game and abroad.

Gaelic Storm is currently enrolled in PC and Console Gaming; Guild Wars, Lord of the Rings Online; Windfola server, and anticipating the introduction and eventual release of Guild Wars 2. 

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