Useful links to find new GAE apps

Social apps

Blog engine

  • picky
  • bloog
    • RESTful Blog for Google App Engine
  • Cpedia

    • blog engine w/ integration of:
      • All the configurations can be set in the background.
      • User-defined menus and pages.
      • Blog comment anti-spam support through reCAPTCHA.
      • using yui grid, so it's very easy to change or extend the page layout.
      • auto-generate permalink url through translating the blog title by google.
      • tags for the blog entry and tags support.
      • rich content editor by yui rich editor.
      • Ajax implemented by simplejson & yui Connection Manager. (Such as inline editable table.)
      • Upload images file to bigTable in yui rich editor.
      • Uploaded images, tags, archives, albums management.
      • Menu & pages management.
      • AuthSub Session Token and System cache management.
      • Feeds management and can be shown on the right side of page.
    • How to install cpedialog on appengine
  • iHere

    • Blog engine including:
      • wordpress import
      • all common markup support
      • twitter api
      • and more !
    • don't be afraid by chinese letters in templates, it's pretty easy to understand and seems very well coded
    • iHere's author is going to translate his faq & get started slides in english


Admin app


  • GaeVFS
    • GaeVFS is an Apache Commons VFS plug-in that implements a distributed, writeable virtual file system for Google App Engine (GAE) for Java. GaeVFS is implemented using the GAE datastore and memcache APIs. The primary goal of GaeVFS is to provide a portability layer that allows you to write application code to access the file system--both reads and writes--that runs unmodified in either GAE or non-GAE servlet environments.


  • rietveld: code review tool for subversion

    • author: guido von russom himself