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Until Death We Do Part

from the anthology "Love at First Bite"
(Velkan & Esperetta)

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Here you'll find all the juicy tidbits you learned from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Until Death We Do Part, this includes important dates, details, and character interactions.  My hope is that these pages and the subsequent ones from other novels and short stories will paint a clear and detailed "family history" and timeline of the Dark-Hunter world!  If you have additional details to add or corrections you noted feel free to email us and we'll add/fix them!  Enjoy!


Character Key:
Human (alive)
Human (deceased)

Princess Esperetta Danesti

  • Aka Retta
  • Blue eyes, pale skin, auburn hair
  • Of the house of Dracul
  • Daughter of Vlad Tepes (Dracula)
  • Born in Bucharest (where her father’s castle was)
  • Her fear was to be buried alive
  • Her father killed her, stabbed her in the chest
  • Former nun
  • Married in a dark green samile & velvet gown, trimmed in sable to match her fur mantle, in a small mountain monastery

Prince Velkan
  • 6’4”, long, wavy black hair, aristocratic features, Moldavian, scar from outer corner of left eye to chin, large scar 4x6” in the center of his chest
  • Human powers: simple premonitions, curses, potions, spells (worked with blood and ritual)
  • Dark-Hunter powers: telekinesis, shape shifting (can turn into a bat), pyrokinetics
  • Solid black steel armor with a gold emblem of a coiled serpent, black bassinet helm
  • Bound his soul to Esperetta’s
  • Gave Esparetta a sleeping balm to appear dead
  • Killed Esperetta’s father
  • Gave Bram Stoker the Dracula idea
  • Started a restaurant
  • House only accessible by flight or teleporting
  • Wore black velvet doublet when married
  • Has a painting of Retta in bedroom by Gentil Bellini
  • 2 Tibetan Mastiffs - Bram & Stoker
  • Mother was a sorceress

  • Aka Frankie
  • Light blue eyes, cat-like when human, thick chestnut hair
  • shape shifter, Were-hunter, wolf, speedy reflexes

  • Servant in Esparetta’s father’s home
  • Lykos
  • Father was a Dream-Hunter, inherited some of his abilities

Stephen Corwin
  • Stefan
  • Investment broker
  • Order of the Dragon

Matthias Corvinus
  • Lost wife to Daimon
  • Went on a Daimonkilling spree (also killing Dark- and Were-hunters

  • Raluca’s mate
  • Captured 5 years before and tasered (2001), deceased

Viktor Petcu
  • 6’4”, brown hair, teasing blue eyes
  • Velkan’s squire


  • gold tooth, gaunt, looks like a drug dealer
  • “Slim”

  • Older man than George

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