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No Mercy

(Samia & Dev)

In the heart and in the soul,
evil takes its wicked toll.
When moonlight shines
like flowing blood,
over the earth,
the Daimons will flood.

        Live fast, fight hard, and if you have to die, then take as many of your enemies with you as you can.  That is the Amazon credo and it was one Samia lived and died by.  Now in contemporary New Orleans, the immortal Amazon warrior is about to learn that there's a worse evil coming to slaughter mankind than she's ever faced before.
        Shapeshifter Dev Peltier has stood guard at the front of Sanctuary for almost two hundred years, and in that time he's seen it all.  Or so he thought.  Now their enemies have discovered a new source of power - on that makes a mockery of anything faced to date.
        The war is on and Dev and Sam are guarding ground zero.  But in order to win, they will have to break the most cardinal of all rules, and pray it doesn't unravel the universe as we know it.

  • (everything before Chapter 5)
  • Amazons don't back down.  Sometimes you might want to.  Sometimes you ought to.  But Amazons never backed down.  (Samia, No Mercy)

Here you'll find all the juicy tidbits you learned from Sherrilyn Kenyon's No Mercy, this includes important dates, details, and character interactions.  My hope is that these pages and the subsequent ones from other novels and short stories will paint a clear and detailed "family history" and timeline of the Dark-Hunter world!  If you have additional details to add or corrections you noted feel free to email us and we'll add/fix them!  Enjoy!


Character Key:
Human (alive)
Human (deceased)

Human (alive)
Human (deceased)

Nicolette Peltier
  • bear
  • lost two sons (her motto is from that date)
  • created Sanctuary (over a century ago)
  • 12 living cubs (14 originally)
  • sacrificed her life to save Aimee's mate

Aimee Peltier

Dev Peltier
  • hates rules
  • doorman at Sanctuary
  • one of the quadruplets
  • always wears a headset
  • wears jeans
  • Arcadian Sentinel
  • long, curly blonde hair, blue eyes
  • can project hi thoughts to those closeby
  • drinks tea with Aimee
  • rides a motorcyle (Hayabusa), 2007 black, silver, and red Suzuki GSX-R 600

Remi Peltier
  • Dev's brother
  • one of the quadruplets
  • surly
  • listens to Indigo Girls when he's alone in his room
  • favorite movie is "Just Like Heaven"



Cherif Peltier
  • one of the quadruplets
  • sometimes works the door

Quinn Peltier
  • one of the quadruplets
  • sometimes works the door
  • curly blonde hair

Samia Savage
  • unrulely honey blonde curls, adorable, exotic face, beguiling, dark brown, almond shaped eyes
  • joie de vivre
  • New Rock biker boots with flames
  • red Hayabusa
  • bow mark on her right breast
  • Amazon general at the end of the Trojan War
  • granddaughter of Hippolyta
  • escorted Helen back to Greece
  • mother to Agaria (killed by Daimons)
  • been a Dark-Hunter for 5,000 years
  • telekinesis, empathy, psychometry (uncontrollable through touch) - cannot touch anything with her bare hands
  • walking lie detector
  • all of her things are created by Ash specifically for her (untouched by others)
  • can't eat most of the time because of her empathy
  • died under a Blood Moon
  • has light yellow silk sheets
  • 6537 St Charles:  white house with a black door and gate, has three floors, antebellum, marble topped table in her foyer, ornate winding mahogany staircase
  • lives alone - no squire
  • psychometry works in her sleep (she can't block it at all)
  • blonde

  • made Sam smile
  • Sam's husband
  • Aimee's mate
  • feels guilty over Nicolette's death
  • Hellchaser

Chi Hu
  • Chinese
  • delicate accent
  • black hair in a braid, 5', thin as a pencil, exquisitely beautiful
  • jeans, black shirt and vest
  • friends with Sam
  • hard not to love
  • icy
  • knows not to touch Sam
  • expert in demonology
  • wears silver sticks (talons) in her hair
  • knows Ash is Atlantean
  • has had flings
  • thinks Ethon is hot
  • jibes at Sam
  • total horndog, wants an orgy
  • think Dev is "droolicious"
  • has a cellphone

Nick Gautier
  • DOW in town to guard him

  • one of the DOW
  • Ancient Spartan General
  • one of Sam's flings
  • hellbent on suicide
  • really caring human

  • one of the DOW
  • gladiator

  • died at the Battle of Tortulla with all her troops

Colt Peltier

  • Simi's brother
  • comes to Sanctuary

  • blonde
  • dragon

  • short, black hair
  • Daimon

  • second-in-command to Stryker & High General
  • has a spy in Sanctuary

  • Daimon

  • former second-in-command to Stryker

  • three months pregnant (at beginning of book)

  • Stryker's "adoptive" mother, Acheron's mother, Tory's mother-in-law
  • Atlantean goddess of destruction

  • Ash's enemy
  • owns the diktyon
  • Medea's mother, Stryker's wife
  • long blonde hair

  • Stryker's son
  • hates Stryker

  • Stryker's father, father to the Daimon race

Alain Peltier
  • Dev's older brother
  • bartends

Grace Alexander
  • psychologist who caters to the preternatural crowd

  • Daimon
  • Karos' wife

  • Daimon

  • Daimon
  • Karos' best friend
  • Sophie's lover

  • Doctor at Sanctuary
  • Native American
  • long black hair, worn in a braid, extremely handsom

Places of Interest:

  • Sanctuary: works a skeleton crew late at night, bar and restaurant at the corner of Ursulines & Chartress in New Orleans, no longer protected by the Omegrion
  • Kalosis:  Daimon plane
  • Samia's house
  • I-10
  • Gay club on Canal

Other Details & Facts:
  •  Mon frere, mon dieu
  • "Jie Jie" (big sister) what Chi calls Sam
  • machiskyl (Dogs of War)
  • Amazons = Artemis' chosen and many are Dark-Hunters, ferocious partiers, like to brawl