Exercises - Summary

Google Gadgets Workshop 


This is a step-by-step development - each exercise will contribute to the final mashup.

Please feel free to ask for some help from any Googler in the room: that's what we're here for ! :) 

Throughout the exercises tips and links to documentation appear inside square brackets, actions for you to perform are shown next to bullet points:

  • This an action for you!

[ This is a tip for you ]

Leave all steps marked as "OPTIONAL" to the end, if you still have some time left. Go through the main exercise steps first.

Let's start !
  • Group yourselves into teams of 3 - 5
  • Make sure you have:
1- one laptop per group, with a working WiFi connection 
2- a web browser
    If you see this page on your laptop there are good chances that steps 1 and 2 are ok :-)
3- a Google Account. You can either use an existing account (e.g. a GMail one) or go to http://www.google.it , click on "Accesso" on the upper right corner and then on "Crea un account ora". You can use one of your existing email addresses, you won't need to open a GMail account for this.

Then read the instructions on the following pages...