Gaelle Wagnac. Ap Literature class of 2010; the best year ever.


 Bienvenue dans ma page

Welcome  to my page
My name is Gaelle Wagnac ,Senior at Malden high school.I took AP Literature with eleven other girls, it was a though year especially we all have different ways to interact with each other. On this page, you'll see some of my work from My Ap Lit class and I hope you'll enjoy it. In this year English class I've learn to improve my writing , even though I still have more things to work on . At the beginning of school ,I wanted to get out of that class, I felt like I didn't belong there. But I came to realize Anything is possible as long as I put my heart and my mind to it.I push myself , even though I didn't get the grade I wanted to but It was worth it .
Thanks Mr. Gallagher for everything, even though you gave a lot of homework which I was not happy about it




2010 oh yea . I'm out. Goodbye Malden high . Thanks to all my teachers. I enjoy been a student at malden high

Poem that I came up with hope you enjoy.




Mu sic


bring j o y in my he art


th e w a y the beat drows a


m e l od y


mu sic


is like a metaphor


I feel like I could hold on


To th e ly rics forever


It makes me feel unbreakable.




Our last memories


Last      moment


Everyday I wonder

What life would have been

If you were still here


I miss your sweet face/ your extraordinary smile/

 the touch of your hands/ the way your smile lights the room


when you cry        the way


your tears roll down your cheeks


I fee like I could hold on to


Your tears forever


Life without is not the same





We dance

We laugh


We hold on to each other

Like we never let go


Your hands around my hips

My hands around your back

My head resting on your chest

Moving to the rhythm


We move back in forth

The rhythm of the song

We be the rhythm