Memorix 3D ROCKS!!
new kind of memory game now in Rock style.

Check out the new Memorix3D: Rock Star Edition! Now available for Android systens.

Let the guitar gently weeps while enjoy game features like trophies, highscore and quests!

Get Yours on Google Play here!

Creative memory game Memorix3D back this time to shake your foundations bringing a bit of some good old rock n' roll.

Use memory and perception skills to encounter crystals that match color with diamond on top of the screen.

Keep your high accuracy by continually hitting right pieces and enjoy incredible rock scores!

Don't forget: play Memory match!!

What should an Elephant do carrying a guitar? Simple: Rock!!


Play Memorix3D: Rock Star Edition and discover stylized rock icons.
Use your perception  to find crystals that match color with diamond.
Irresistible gameplay and friendly look, just for free! I said FREE!
You should get yours and play anytime!
It's only rock'n'roll!

Discovery new modes of Play available on other Memorix3D games.

Find Memorix3D onto your favorite games Portal like Kongregate or GameJolt or also download Android version from GooglePlay (recommended) directly into your hands.

Get Memorix3D on GooglePlay now

Memorix 3D Games dynamically train your ability to register multiple data instances, your concentration and your reflex actions.
Freely twisted version of the already popular memory matrix game, Memorix3D inlvolves you in a good way due to nice sound and 3D environment.

Memorix3D logo


How To Get Memorix3D for Android
Access Google Play Market trough the withe bag icon on the applications list of the Android device.
Find Memorix3D and download it. Easy.

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Play Memorix3D Games 
I already have said all i know about this game. Go play it and tell me you.

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