Olympic Trials 2009

My team -  I'll be playing lead for Team Cristin Clark and am registered as the 5th.  Team:  Cristin Clark (skip), Sharon Vukich (third), Emily Good (second), Gabrielle Coleman (lead).  Briefly about the team:  Cristin Clark is a 5-time Mixed Nationals Curling Champion and won the Mixed Doubles National Championship this year with her husband, Brady.  Sharon Vukich is this year's Senior Women's Champion (50 & up), 2-time Women's National Champion in 1980 and 1987 (and I think also a Mixed Nationals champ.)  Emily Good is Sharon's daughter and has played competitively as a junior and adult.   I started curling after the Olympics in the spring of 2006.  Wondering how the heck I pulled this off?  Lots and lots of help!  Click here for my curling story.  (Photo above L-R: Team Clark: me, Emily Good, Sharon Vukich, Cristin Clark)


How do the Trials work?   This year, 21 women's teams and 49 men's teams entered the "playdown" process to become Team USA.  Teams are single gender and made up of 4 or 5 players and sometimes a coach. (Only 4 players are on the ice at any one time.)  Players can be from any where in the world, but must be US citizens, and you qualify for the trials as a team, not an individual.   Through two rounds of playoffs, 10 women's teams and 10 men's teams are selected to attend the Olympic Trials.  The women's team and men's team that win the Trials, will represent the US at the 2009 World Championship and 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.  I initially entered round 1 of the playoffs with Team Coleman (myself, Beth Coffin, Sara Skulec, Cyndy Eng-Dinsel.)  Unfortunately, we were one spot short of continuing on to round 2 and thus were eliminated.  The team I'm currently playing on (Team Clark) had a member unable to attend round 2, and so I was able to join them. 


UPDATED  My schedule of events - This is the schedule of when I arrive, play, etc.