The Team of Many

Updated 8/17/09

The Team of Many... More?

The Golden Gate Bonspiel 2 has just been announced for Memorial Day Weekend, May 28-30, 2010.  And what would that spiel be without the Team of Many?  ... I mean, other than dignified and socially acceptable.  Right!  So we're putting out the call to our former members, groupies, wannabe groupies and people who were too drunk to remember if they were on the team or not.  If you'd like to be part of the team - as a playing member or rabid fan - get out your body paint, talk to your parole officer and throw away your meds, because the Team of Many is back!  Contact Gabrielle to re-enlist.  More about The Team - 2010.


Golden Gate Bonspiel 2008




Welcome!  to the official website of The Team of Many - the largest, rowdiest Bay Area bonspiel team ever assembled.  If you are already a member - yee haw!  If not, please join!  (There's not much actual rock throwing guaranteed, but a lot of festive ice time and a great hat are included.) 


The Team - 2010 

Tribute to our Fans

Tale of a Team:

      Origins of the Team

      The First Team of Many

      The More, the Many-er!  (The continuing adventures of The Many)

      The Future  ("The Team of Many More.and then Some!")

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