Gabrielle's Olympic Trials Bid     

(and other curling adventures)      

Updated 3/14/09

Thank you to everyone who's been following my curling adventures!  I went to the Olympic Trials in February and I just finished the Club National Championships in Utica, NY.  Details about both trips - and how you can try curling - are below.  I hope to see you out on the ice!  - thanks, Gabrielle

Club National Championships

March 7-14, 2009,  Utica, NY 


On Saturday, March 14, the ladies and I won the bronze at the Club National Championships.  We are Team Washington. (Yes, sadly, I've been traveling enough this year to qualify out of WA.)  (Photo L-R: Gabrielle Coleman, Beth Coffin, Sara Skulec, Cyndy Eng-Dinsel)

>> More blogs, photos and information about the team and the event.


Olympic Trials

February 21-28, 2009,  Broomfield, Colorado (near Denver)

Thank you to everyone for your support!  Team Cristin Clark (my team) finished in 8th place with a 2-7 record and had a terrific time.   Congrats to women's winners, Team Debbie McCormick, and men's winners, Team John Shuster.  (Photo L-R: Team Cristin Clark: me, Emily Good, Sharon Vukich, Cristin Clark)  More photos   

>> More Information about the team and the Trials  



For daily (or thereabouts) updates and trip photos, check my blog.



My Curling Story

How I went from watching curling during the 2006 Olympics to competing in the 2009 Olympic Trials.  >>more


Press Coverage

Thank you to all the local media outlets who are covering this story.  We hope it will encourage lots of folks to come to the San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club's next learn-to-curl clinic and give it a try!

Los Altos Town Crier  3/4/09

San Jose Mercury News 3/3/09

San Jose Mercury News  2/20/09

Mountain View Voice  2/19/09


Try Curling!

If you would like to try curling contact your local club!  In the SF Bay Area, that's the San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club.  We will be holding 2-hour Learn-to-Curl Clinics May 31 and April 2, and will likely be holding lessons starting in early April.  I'll be teaching some of the classes.


Thank You!

Many thanks to the many people who have supported me on my curling quest, including, but in no way limited to:

  • My brother, for getting me started
  • My parents, for everything
  • My friends, who are still there even when I'm gone too much
  • My work family, NBC (KNTV), few of my fellow curlers have an employer and co-workers this supportive and understanding!
  • All of my teachers, coaches, teammates and friends from the San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club, again, for everything!
  • WineCountry Curling and the Seattle Granite Curling Club, for being my home away from home


 "Gabrielle's Bay Area Curling News" (which is not really in use now anyways) has been temporarily replaced by "Gabrielle's Olympic Trials Bid."  But, you can still visit that site by following the link above!  - thanks, Gabrielle