Club National Championships 2009


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(Slideshow of our pre-Club Nat'ls preparations)

What is Club Nationals?

The Club National Championships are a competition between the top club teams in the US.  The key difference between the Club Championships and the National Championships & Olympic Trials is that for Clubs, all teams must be made up of players from the same club. For the Trials, teams can be made up of players from anywhere in the world, as long as they're US citizens.  

To qualify for the Club National Championships, a team must first win their internal club championship.  Then, they compete in a regional playoff and the winners move on to Nationals.  Even though I live in the bay area, I will be playing for Washington state.  I've been traveling there on weekends and playing in a league, which makes me a full club member.  A team from the Hollywood Curling Club will represent California and the Mountain Pacific region (MoPac.)


About the Team

My team is Team Coleman:  Gabrielle Coleman (me), skip;  Beth Coffin (vice-skip); Sara Skulec (second); Cyndy Eng-Dinsel (lead).  (In curing, teams are named for their skip - who is, essentially, the team captain.)   All of us are new curlers - Beth, Sara and I have been curling for 3 years and Cyndy has been curling for 2.  While I have a lot of competitive experience for a new player, this will be the other gals' first time at a championship event.   We do have some playing time together this year, though.  We entered the Olympic Trials playoffs together and the team just missed making the cut for the second round.  (I was able to fill a vacancy on another team to move on in that event.)


Follow the Action!

Gabrielle's Blog  Daily (or so) updates on our progress.

Cyndy's Blog  Daily (or so) updates on our progress.

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