Recent Papers

(essentially papers published/accepted/written/completed/revised in some way

since my return to Romania)

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14. Gabriel Istrate. On Hadwiger's number of a graph with partial information, submitted to Applied Mathematics Letters, 2009.

13. Gabriel Istrate, Madhav V. Marathe and S. S. Ravi, Adversarial Scheduling in Evolutionary Game Dynamics, submitted to Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory, 2009.

12. Gabriel Istrate, "Identifying almost sorted permutations from TCP buffer dynamics", submitted, Information Processing Letters, 2009. 

11. Gabriel Istrate "Geometric properties of satisfying assignments of random epsilon-1-in-k SAT", to appear, International Journal of Computer Mathematics, 2009.

10. Gabriel Istrate "Stochastic Stability in Schelling's Model with contagion", Presented at the 5th European Conference on Complex Systems (ECCS'08), Jerusalem, September 14-19, 2008, (manuscript, soon to be preprint), 2008. 

9. Gabriel Istrate. "Grammatical inference and symbolic dynamics", Presented at the 5th European Conference on Complex Systems (ECCS'08), Jerusalem, September 14-19, 2008, (manuscript, soon to be preprint), 2008. 

8. Gabriel Istrate. "Sharp Thresholds for Stopping Times of Markov Chains (I)", preprint 2008.

7. Gabriel Istrate, Romeo Negrea. "q-Overlaps in the Exact cover problem" , preprint 2008.

6. Gabriel Istrate. "On the dynamics of social balance on general networks (with an application to XOR-SAT), Fundamenta Informaticae,91 (2), pp. 341-356, 2009.     

5. Allon Percus, Gabriel Istrate, Bruno Tavares Goncalves, Robert Sumi, Stefan Boettcher The peculiar phase structure of random graph bisection,   Journal of Mathematical Physics, vol 49, no 12, 2008. 

4. Gabriel Istrate "Dissecting the Artificial: The Adversarial Scheduling approach to validating Game-Theoretic models and Social Simulations". In Proceedings of the Fifth Conference of the European Social Simulation Association (ESSA'08), Brescia, Italy, September 1-5, 2008. 

3. Gabriel Istrate, Anders Hansson. "Counting Preimages of TCP Reordering Patterns", Discrete Applied Mathematics vol 156 no. 17, 3187-3193, (2008).

2. Gabriel Istrate, M.V. Marathe, S.S. Ravi. "Adversarial Scheduling Analysis of Game-Theoretic Models of Norm Diffusion",  in Proceedings of the Fourth Computability in Europe  Conference (CIE'2008), A. Beckmann et al (editors), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 5028, pp.  273-282 (2008)

1. Gabriel Istrate. "Satisfying assignments of Random Boolean CSP: Clusters and Overlaps", Journal of Universal Computer Science, vol. 13, no.11 (2007), pp. 1655-1670. A preliminary version of this paper has appeared in the Proceedings of the Third European Conference on Complex Systems (ECCS'07)


1. Gabriel Istrate, Adrian Craciun. Proof Complexity and the Kneser-Lovasz theorem. 

2. Gabriel Istrate. Looking for a version of Schaefer's Dichotomy Theorem when every variable occurs at most twice. 

3. Gabriel Istrate, Robert Sumi. Computation and Coordination in Boolean Markets.

4.  Gabriel Istrate, Marian Neagul. Experimental evaluation of Survey Propagation on Structured Instances of k-SAT.