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Have you just arrived in Buenos Aires and are ready to go Tango dancing but don´t know which milonga to go to?

Would you like to dance traditional milonguero style in close embrace or would you rather experiment with Tango Nuevo at some practicas?

Do you want to get away from the tourist crowd but are not quite sure which barrios are safe?

Are you uncertain about Tango etiquette, are not sure how the cabeceo works and have no dance partner?

Or would you just like to go to a milonga and watch
people dance but your Spanish is still a bit shaky and you don´t feel comfortable venturing out on your own?

It takes two to tango - Tango Services can help! The milongas of Buenos Aires are like the restaurants here - they all offer Tango but the "menu" varies. We offer a very personalised service, take you to the right places, explain different etiquettes for different milongas and pracitcas (yes, they do exist!) and dance with you all night! And if you only speak a little Spanish, no problem - our service is available in English, German, Hungarian and Spanish. Send an
email to and we will take
you out on a night full of dancing!

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"Dance is the hidden language of the soul." 
Martha Graham