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Phone: 0 11 36 30 935 0262

AIM: gabor3000gt


Yahoo: gaborsviatko


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Personal Information

Last name:        Sviatkó

First name:       Gábor

DOB:              1/25/1984

Place of birth:   Miskolc, Hungary

Nationality:      Hungarian 

Marital status:   Single

Residency:        Hungary 

Height, weight:   6'4" (195cm), 210 lbs. (95kg)

40-yd dash:       4.6 sec

Position:         Kicker/Punter 



2002-2006         International Business School, Budapest.                   BA in Business Studies.

1998-2002         Bayshore High School, Bradenton, Florida                   34210. High school diploma, graduated                       with Honors, weighted 4.4 cumulative GPA.


Language Skills

Hungarian:        Native language

English:          Fluent command of verbal and written                       language.

Spanish:          Intermediate command of verbal and                           written language.


Work Experience

2008-             General Electric Money - Budapest Bank                       FMP

2004-2007         Rainforest Consulting Ltd., Budapest.                       Project & personal assistant.

1997-2002         Manatee Citgo, Bradenton, FL. Cashier &                   assistant manager. 


Football Experience

2008. July                  Organized 3nd European Kicking Camp

2008-             Danube Dragons, Austria

2007. July        Organized 2nd European Kicking Camp

2006. Nov.        NFL Europe national kicking camp

2006. July        Organized 1st European Kicking Camp

2004-             Budapest Wolves American Football Club

2000-2001         Bayshore High School, FL


American football and sports in general, movies, stock markets, daily newspapers and financial periodicals/blogs, computers and traveling around the world.


Football Background

I was introduced to football during my high school years in Florida. I attended a kicking camp in the summer of 2000, which provided me the basics of kicking and punting. I played varsity in my junior and senior years, which were one of the most memorable years in my life. At the time I didn't really want to pursue football as career, I didn't think I was good enough to play college ball but I did have one of the best grades in school. I applied to two schools, FSU and USF. I was accepted to both and I was going to enroll at FSU but decided to move back with my family to Hungary and start a 4-year college there instead. Football was non-existed here until April of 2004. My girlfriend saw an interview in July with Budapest Wolves co-founder and vice president Attila Árpa who promoted American football. After sitting out 2 and a half years I became very excited about getting another chance to play football in my native country and jumped right back to it. 

Over the past 2 years I have tremendously developed my kicking game. I have added about a whole second to my hangtime on punts and increased my range of field goals from a consisent 35 to a consistent 40, with leg strength enough for 60. My goal in life regarding football is to get international recognition within Europe and play a season for an NFL Europa team or better.

I also put a lot of time into organizing kicking camps for European kickers.


Football Development

2007 Signed Developmental Agreement with Professional Kicking Services, Inc. (PKS) 

2007 Signed NFL Player Representation Agreement with Firth-Johnston-Martinez Sports Agency, El Paso, Texas



Brian Caler, Danube Dragons Special Teams Coach

Lee Hlavka, Budapest Wolves Head Coach            , (0 11) 36 30 743 2739

Attila Árpa, Budapest Wolves Co-founder & Vice President, (0 11) 36 20 366 6282

William Goldenberg, Budapest Wolves Special Teams Coach, (0 11) 36 30 409 0179

Raymond Woodie, Bayshore Bruins (HS) Head Coach             (00 1) 941 751 7004


Budapest, May 17, 2008

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